Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

I lived in Little Elm for about 3 years before our son, Tripp was born. I started meeting new moms and discovering this whole new world of “local” goodies. There were natural parenting stores, boutiques, and WAHMs with amazing thriving businesses that I knew nothing about until I met my sweet friend, Andi. She is the queen of supporting local small businesses. I thought about her this week when I was getting some projects done locally. What better way to share some small business love, than with a Friday Fav series on my blog?

Fridays will now be dedicated to my favorite small businesses, local and not!

Friday Favorites: Back to School Style

My very first Friday Favorite was inspired by the hustle and bustle of this Back to School season! This is the first year that I get to be on the parent side of things. I just love getting all the things that Tripp will need for school this year!

I first “met” this mama when I asked in our neighborhood group about the Pottery Barn backpacks. You know the question, “What size should I get for my toddler?” I think I was probably the millionth person to ask, but thank goodness all these mamas answered me anyway! Jillian was so kind. She was even willing to let me come see her backpack so that I could get an idea of the size I was ordering! It turned out that I didn’t need to, because everyone said to get the small. So, I ordered this adorable little shark backpack and lunch kit, which every intention of getting it monogrammed. I casually mentioned that I didn’t like the color options from PBK and like MAGIC she said she embroiders! You guys. It just can’t get any better. I have a brand new friend who embroiders AND lives in my neighborhood.

Let’s monogram ALL the things, please!

Friday Favorites: Memphis Mercantile

Thanks to Memphis Mercantile, Jillian’s business name, my big boy will be ready for his first day of school with his flashy new lunch box and backpack! I had no idea what to do about color choices, but Jillian had great recommendations. I love how the red stands out. She knows her stuff, y’all, and does a fantastic job!

Friday Favorites: Memphis Mercantile

Memphis Mercantile

The sky is limit on all the things Jillian can do! She has custom clothing options, leather embroidery, and seasonal decorations. You name it, I bet she can do it! I already told her that I have Christmas PJs on the way and I’ll be dropping them off as soon as they come in!

Let’s all go show her Facebook page a little love this Friday! Click HERE to head on over, say hello, and check her out! I found an adorable pair of monogrammed converse that gave me way too many ideas! I’m curious, what will you be sending over to Jillian? I love getting new ideas for my monogram habit! {Just don’t tell my husband!}

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