What to Wear for Fall Family Photos in 2022

Hi there! We all love a good “what to wear” post, so I’m bringing it back for another fall edition!

Other than the actual act of getting everyone dressed and ready to go, I know that panning can be one of the hardest parts about fall family sessions. I hope that the style guide below will give you some easy inspiration to make your next session stress free!

Tips for Dressing your Family

  • Avoid colors that are bold, or bright (The person wearing those colors will stand out the most!)
  • Think about your background. Is it busy, like Adriatica? If so, solids are going to be your best choice.
  • Start with mama, always! Once you have a dress that you love and is flattering, then plan everyone else based on your choice!
  • Rompers work well for babies so that we are never worried about diapers showing.
  • Choose a color palette of 2-3 colors. Be sure to stay within the same tone. (For example, if you choose olive green a dusty rose pink would pair well, but not a bright pink.)
  • Don’t forget your matching shoes and bloomers for girls!


What to Wear for Fall Family Photos

The Southern Charmer

If you love the smocked dress look, this style is for you! It pairs well with an outdoor family session in Fort Worth or even an all white studio like the Lumen Room!

What to Wear Fall 2022

Mom’s Dress: Hill House Dress

Boys outfit: H & M

Men’s Outfit: J Crew

Girl’s  WHITE Dress:  Jessakae


What to Wear for Fall Family Photos

The Traditionalist

I wanted to give you guys something fresh this year, so I added more color to moms dress than you typically see from me. I think that pairing her dress with neutrals would be a beautiful family photo!

what to wear for fall family pictures

Mom’s Dress: Baltic Born

Toddler Girl: Noralee

Boy’s outfit: Noralee

Mens Wardrobe: JCrew


What to Wear for Fall Family Photos

The Trendsetter

Have you ever seen me share a sweater dress or a short dress? Probably not, but let me tell you, I am here for it! The accessories with mom’s dress here, (hat and boots) totally make this a fun one!

Family Pictures what to wear

Women’s Boots: Vici

Women’s Sweater Dress: Vici

Girls knee Socks: Amazon

Girls Romper & Bonnet : Noralee

Mens Top: Vineyard Vines

Other Fall Family Styling Tips

  • Accessories are your friends! (Think about the whole family!) We’re talking shoes/boots, jewelry, suspenders, hats, etc. I just love anything that is fun and interesting in your family photos!
  • Don’t forget your nails!
  • Can we be so bold to try black this fall? I’ve got one family going for it in an all white studio! It’s going to be beautiful. I just know you’ll love to see it!


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