6 Tips for What to Wear-The Woodlands Family Photographer

6 Tips for What to Wear

The Woodlands Family Photographer

This weekend I was blessed to be shooting alongside some of the best family photographers in the industry! I have a mile long list of new tricks, but there is one that stands out the most.

I hear,  “What should we wear?” every week! This has been on my to do list for ages, but I’m so glad I waited. I didn’t expect to walk away from the Click Away experience with a new look on clothing, but that’s exactly what happened!  The clothing you wear to your session is a major factor in the final result. I want to help you look your absolute best with my 6 Tips for What to Wear.  After all, you never know who will be looking at your gorgeous self 50 years from now!

Tip #1: Color & Environment

When planning your clothing, the first thing to think about is your environment. Will you be at the beach, in a field, in the trees, or in an urban location? What colors are prominent in that location? At the beach, there is sand, sky, and blue water. In this case, the soft pastels beautifully compliment the colors in the sky.

My style is very light and airy. I prefer colors that are neutral or pastel, but I love a good soft floral also. I advise all of my clients to steer away from bright and bold colors. I find that they pull the eye away from the most important thing and that’s you!

The Woodlands Family Photographer

Tip #2: Texture & Movement

This may be tip number two, but it’s actually my favorite! I LOVE a good dress or skirt with some flow to it! The more twirl and drape, the better! I have found that flowy garments are flattering to many body types. When you’re trying on dresses in my studio, or the dressing room at your favorite store, give that skirt a good twirl and see how you like it!

Texture and movement go hand in hand because the type of fabric you choose creates the flow/movement! I love textures like lace, linen, ruffles, and embroidery because they add interest to your image without being distracting.

If you would like some places to start your search, I highly recommend Free People, Fillyboo, and H&M for mamas.

The Woodlands Family Photographer

Tip #3: Focus on Mom First!

I know, I know! It’s hard to pick your outfit, but that’s exactly why I want you to find yours first! Use your outfit to guide the rest of the family! If you find a piece with pretty florals, use the tones in your dress to help you with  your husband or children!

The Woodlands Family Photographer

The Woodlands Family Photographer

Tip #4: Identical is only for twins!

Shake it up a bit! If you choose, to go with neutrals, that doesn’t mean everyone has to wear ivory! There is a huge range of tones within the neutral category! Use them! Contrast in your images is a good thing. If you all match, you will start to blend together. Take this image for example. There is ivory, rose, orchid, soft blue, mauve, and white all in the same image. The result is polished and very well put together, but not matching.

The Woodlands Family Photographer

Tip #5: The Shoes!

We just spent all this time styling a cohesive look, so don’t forget the shoes! Make sure you have something timeless and classic to wear on your feet unless we’re going to Galveston! In that case, I want to see those toes! For littles, avoid light up shoes and heavy brands, but comfort is the key to happiness!

Tip #6: Have some fun with accessories!

Bracelets, earrings, and scarves, oh my! This is your chance to add a little bit of flair to your photographs! Is there a piece of jewelry you have with special meaning? Wear it! Do you have a fun textured scarf? Wear it! A sweet shawl is a the perfect accent piece when it starts to get cool in the evenings! If your little ones have a lovey, that is my absolute favorite kind of accessory!

Aimee Hamilton is a lifestyle family photographer in The Woodlands area. I serve Montgomery, The Woodlands, Magnolia, Conroe, Houston, Galveston,  and Spring, TX.  If you are interested in booking a session, be sure to sign up for the newsletter here! The date will be announced soon and my VIP members get the first opportunity to sign up! For more details, head over here or get in touch with me! Let’s get you booked!

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