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It’s not every day that a Dad is the one to call and book newborn photography in The Woodlands, but I can’t tell you how sweet it was to hear this guy talk about his wife and brand new baby. He set everything up for her so that all she had to do was come with this sweet baby boy! Brownie points for him, right? (Now… if my own husband would set up family pictures for us, I would literally pass out.)

“Older” Newborn? No Problem!

Sweet baby Weston was already a week old when his Daddy booked his newborn session so he was a bit “older” than my typical 6-10 day old babies. Anytime I get older babies, I tell moms and dads that some older babies do great and some just aren’t into the naked poses, but I always try. Weston was a champ! When he got here, his mama gave him a nice fully tummy and then he slept for the rest of the session! Every now and then, he’d give me a little smile to say he was on to my tricks! Isn’t he just the cutest?

When Grandparents Are in Town to Help…

Y’all, I can’t resist throwing grandparents into a shot or two when they come with you to help! They’re never prepared for it, which is probably my favorite part, but oh my gosh, I LOVE it! I get a lot of Grandmas who come with their daughters for support, but oftentimes Grandpa isn’t present. This time. Grandma and Grandpa came to help out! He was the proudest grandpa I’ve ever seen! He took just as many pictures as I did!

Want to Book Your Own Session?

The best time to book studio newborn photography in The Woodlands is right around the second trimester. It’s the best way to ensure availability on my calendar. If you are expecting a fall baby, it is especially important to book early as that is a very busy time! For detailed information, including investment information, click here!

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