Beautiful Babies: Montgomery, TX Fresh 48

Beautiful Babies: A Montgomery, TX Newborn Fresh 48

From the Beginning!

Flashback to May 2015. My maternity shoot with the fantastic, Chani Gunn ,was cancelled due to a snow storm during spring break in Dallas. We decided that it would be best to switch my session to a Fresh 48. In all honesty, I wasn’t convinced that I would love photographs so soon after birth. The time finally came for Tripp to make his debut. He ended up in the NICU which again stalled our pictures. I was a brand new mom and heartbroken over the NICU stay. Truthfully, I was a hot mess!

As soon as he was released, I called Chani and said we would have to do something different. It was Mother’s Day 2015 and I didn’t want to take her away from her family. When she insisted on coming anyway, I was blown away. I will forever be grateful for her AND those photos that I wasn’t sure about. To this day, they are some of my absolute favorites of Tripp and our new family! She captured our little angel in a way that I will cherish forever!

I encourage all new moms to consider a Fresh 48 session. A brand new baby brings so much joy, love, and life to a room. When you photograph that, you are capturing that moment and bottling it up forever. Just like the intoxicating smell of a new baby, that hospital time goes way too fast! A fresh 48 is meant to document new love with very little guidance from me. I’m there to capture life as it is. I’m looking for mom snuggling her new baby, the first time siblings meet,  a kiss from dad, and all the baby details that we lose too quickly! Tiny toes, fresh umbilical cords, chubby cheeks, and wrinkly hands are all part of the hospital glory!

A Montgomery, TX Fresh 48

We moved to Montgomery in the summer of 2017. I met the most beautiful mama who also happens to be my neighbor! She had two beautiful little girls and one more on the way. I knew I had to had to photograph her family. This family is the type that you want to surround yourself with. They are always kind and gentle with one another. She is just an incredible mama! I am so honored that I was able to give them the gift of newborn memories forever!

This brand new baby girl is surrounded by love! It shines through these photos and will be there for them forever! But, you guys! You have to see it to believe it! Check out all the beauty in this family! Poor dad is going to be in trouble in about 12 years or so!

Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48


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