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One of the most common questions I get as a family, newborn and maternity photographer in Highland Park is how I recommend styling your hair for your session. First and foremost, we want something that makes you feel beautiful. That’s literally the most important thing!

A huge part of the client experience I provide to Mamas is getting you set up with a hair and makeup artist for your session. As a Mom you are busy enough as it is. This service is an add-on, but something I highly recommend to all mamas!

I work with a team who will even home to my studio to get you ready while I photograph your baby, or she will come to you for a maternity session. The luxury of showing up for your session and being pampered with hair and makeup services and a beautiful client wardrobe to borrow from makes the process so much more enjoyable! You deserve to be pampered, Mama! The number one reason I encourage hair and makeup services for my clients is the confidence it gives you. Trust me, it makes such a big difference! No more worrying about your hair going flat in our Texas heat and trying to fluff it mid-session!

While your regular hair and makeup routine is perfect for what you need on a daily basis, they tend to photograph differently in bright lighting. I have a fabulous team of hair and make-up artists that I know my clients will adore.  They know exactly how to ensure your hair and makeup compliments your best features, while also considering the bright style of my portraiture.

Top 4 Favorite Hairstyles for your Session

During our time together, I will help you and your family settle into your session with various prompts. One of the biggest battles for moms, has been their hair falling into their face when they lean in to kiss their newborn or even toddlers. To solve that, I compiled the list of ideas below to help give you a few tips for styling your hair before your session with me! These will work for any portraits with me, but I especially know that newborn and maternity clients struggle with the falling hair since they are looking down toward their newborn or belly often.

1. Loose Braids or Twists (My favorite!)

I always suggest having your stylist pull at least one side of your hair away from your face. Braids and twists are a great option to do this, plus they add such a beautiful texture to your hair. In the studio maternity session below, the loose curls paired with a unique braid worked perfectly! I just love how her hair draped on her shoulders, away from her face.

2. Half-Up

Half-up hairstyles are great, especially for newborn sessions like this one! It gives a soft, classic look where you don’t have to worry about pushing your hair out of the way. You could even tie in some beautiful loose curls with a half-up style.

3. Pinned on One Side

I loved how Mom pinned just one small part of her hair for this family session in McKinney. It’s easy and looks so pretty on her, plus ensured that her hair wouldn’t fall in her face or block it from view during their playful session.

4. Loose Pony 

Looking for something a bit more unique? Try a loose or braided pony! The second style in this YouTube Video reminds me a lot of the braid below!

Overall, I love styles that are soft and feminine, with a touch of glam. It’s just such a beautiful look that isn’t over done! Check out the gorgeous mama below for an example of a stunning loose braid!

Mom with loose braid and curls in her hair during maternity session by Aimee Hamilton Photography.
Mom leaning against studio wall with beautiful braid in her hair. Photo by Aimee Hamilton Photography.
Studio maternity session with Mom wearing sage green maxi dress and a loose braid in her hair. Photo by Highland Park photographer, Aimee Hamilton Photography.
Backlit image of pregnant Mom during studio session with Aimee Hamilton Photography.
Mom with bump sitting on chair during studio maternity session. Photo by Aimee Hamilton Photography.
Bump photo of Mom during maternity session with Highland Park photographer, Aimee Hamilton Photography.
Backlit image of mom in studio session with Highland Park maternity photographer, Aimee Hamilton Photography.
Best soft glam hairstyle of your maternity session. Photo by Aimee Hamilton Photography.
Best hairstyles for your photoshoot. Photos by Aimee Hamilton Photography.
Side view of baby bump during studio maternity session. Photo by Aimee Hamilton Photography.
Mom with loose braid and curls showing one of the best hairstyles for your maternity session. Photo by Aimee Hamilton Photography.

Hair and Makeup: Flawless by Caro, Dresses provided by the Client Wardrobe

Aimee Hamilton Photography is your Highland Park Maternity Photographer. Aimee specializes in newborn, maternitymotherhood, family, and baby sessions in the Dallas area, including Frisco, Highland Park, Celina, Prosper, McKinney, Uptown, Allen, Plano, Southlake, Grapevine, Fort Worth, and Little Elm.

I would love to chat more with you about booking your own portraits! I am currently booking newborn, maternity, baby, and motherhood sessions into fall of 2021. If you would like more details about a session with me please feel free to get in touch with me here! I would love to serve you and your family.

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