Introducing Milestone Mini-Sessions!

Most evenings, my husband and I bathe our littles together. One day last week, I was flying solo and needed a quick fix for bath time. I popped my cutie into the sink and just melted over the cuteness that unfolded in this mini-session. He was completely mesmerized by the water flowing from the faucet. He just could not understand why he couldn’t grab the water! We splashed and played for what seemed like forever! Luckily, Daddy got home just in time to help get him dressed for bed! That one frame just happens to be the one I’m swooning over!

As I was shooting, I was reminded that everyone deserves quality photographs of their babies. It just goes so fast and the memories are something I truly hold close to my heart. {Have I told you how many professional sessions I have from my son’s first year? We had a session every 3 months!} This stage is full of laughter, growth, and changes. My youngest is already 5.5 months and I’m not even sure how! I want to remember it all and this is the best way to do it! Those blue eyes, chubby cheeks, and sweet baby rolls are all documented for me to keep forever. I can’t wait to get these up on my walls, too!

Mini-Session Announcement

Thanks to this sweet love, I am now offering milestone mini-sessions. I chose an in-home documentary style session to showcase our lives in this moment. In my personal work, I’m a lover a documentary photography and the realistic nature of it. However, you get to decide with your own babies! What is it that you want to remember? Let’s capture magic!

Milestone Mini-Session

30 minutes

8 Digital Files

Online Proofing Gallery

Print Release


The Process

Mini-sessions are a little unique because the final process is different from my full sessions. When you receive your gallery, you will decide to choose your favorite 8 (included in the package) or purchase the full set of photographs. I will then do some final creative editing. You can expect to have your finished digital files in two weeks.  At that time, I will have prints, canvas, slideshows, and framing upgrades available to you. I encourage printing with me for the most beautiful colors, vibrance, and print quality.

Let’s capture those babies before they grow up!

*Mini-sessions are not part of the grand opening special pricing & can not be discounted.

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Friday Favorites

I lived in Little Elm for about 3 years before our son, Tripp was born. I started meeting new moms and discovering this whole new world of “local” goodies. There were natural parenting stores, boutiques, and WAHMs with amazing thriving businesses that I knew nothing about until I met my sweet friend, Andi. She is the queen of supporting local small businesses. I thought about her this week when I was getting some projects done locally. What better way to share some small business love, than with a Friday Fav series on my blog?

Fridays will now be dedicated to my favorite small businesses, local and not!

Friday Favorites: Back to School Style

My very first Friday Favorite was inspired by the hustle and bustle of this Back to School season! This is the first year that I get to be on the parent side of things. I just love getting all the things that Tripp will need for school this year!

I first “met” this mama when I asked in our neighborhood group about the Pottery Barn backpacks. You know the question, “What size should I get for my toddler?” I think I was probably the millionth person to ask, but thank goodness all these mamas answered me anyway! Jillian was so kind. She was even willing to let me come see her backpack so that I could get an idea of the size I was ordering! It turned out that I didn’t need to, because everyone said to get the small. So, I ordered this adorable little shark backpack and lunch kit, which every intention of getting it monogrammed. I casually mentioned that I didn’t like the color options from PBK and like MAGIC she said she embroiders! You guys. It just can’t get any better. I have a brand new friend who embroiders AND lives in my neighborhood.

Let’s monogram ALL the things, please!

Friday Favorites: Memphis Mercantile

Thanks to Memphis Mercantile, Jillian’s business name, my big boy will be ready for his first day of school with his flashy new lunch box and backpack! I had no idea what to do about color choices, but Jillian had great recommendations. I love how the red stands out. She knows her stuff, y’all, and does a fantastic job!

Friday Favorites: Memphis Mercantile

Memphis Mercantile

The sky is limit on all the things Jillian can do! She has custom clothing options, leather embroidery, and seasonal decorations. You name it, I bet she can do it! I already told her that I have Christmas PJs on the way and I’ll be dropping them off as soon as they come in!

Let’s all go show her Facebook page a little love this Friday! Click HERE to head on over, say hello, and check her out! I found an adorable pair of monogrammed converse that gave me way too many ideas! I’m curious, what will you be sending over to Jillian? I love getting new ideas for my monogram habit! {Just don’t tell my husband!}

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It’s August and that means Back to School time! This time of year is so bitter-sweet for me. I’m used to the hustle and bustle of teacher meetings, hanging bulletin boards, planning lessons, and getting ready for a fresh set of kids. This will be my third year out of the classroom.  It still hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m no longer teaching!  I taught first, fourth, and reading intervention in my education journey. In my classroom, I always planned lessons around high levels of learning and engagement. The same is true for my lifestyle family sessions!

Lifestyle Family Sessions: Goals

I have three goals for my families.

  1. Provide high quality heirloom photographs.
  2. Engage the whole family in FUN activities! (Yes, even Dad!)
  3. Capture authentic emotions.

So, what might that look like?  I try to provide each family with a gallery that has a wide variety of family interactions from cheery and fun to the more emotive images that make your heart sing! I create activities and moments that engage the whole family! When everyone is having fun, the magic starts to unfold naturally! Each session will vary in activities, but here are a few things that we might do!

Lifestyle Family Sessions: Gallery Sneak Peek

How about a little limbo action?

Lifestyle Family Limbo

Picking flowers is also a favorite of mine when we can find them! These yellow flowers happened to look amazing with their color combos!

Lifestyle Family Session Flowers


While mom and big sisters were out picking flowers, I turned around to see baby brother and Dad just laughing at each other! I love how the sweetest moments happen naturally!

Family sneak

This family totally rocked their session with me! I just love them and their gorgeous kids! They sadly had to reschedule after it stormed on their original date, but this worked out perfectly! It just happened to be a little cooler with some magical golden light at their session!  I’m excited for them to go through their gallery and see all of their photos! My sessions are fun, but seeing the results is the best part!

Lifestyle Family Sessions

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Grand Opening Deals are still going on!

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Did anyone else start singing “Yah,Yah” when you read the title? Don’t let me be the only one!

Since my littlest was born, I have made it my mission to get in the frame with him at least once a month. When my boys grow up, I want them to have oodles of pictures of their family. I want them to be able to look at a photograph and feel the love we have for  them, see the fun we had together, or remember the adventures we have been on. Those memories will be there for them forever! {That’s also why I insist on printing our pictures! I’ve been working on how to save all of our photographs, but more on that another time!}

The Beauty of the Self Timer

Moms, get in there! Give your kids the gift of memories and try a self portrait! Break out your phone and balance it on your dresser with some books. Then, set your self timer and RUN! That’ll make your kids laugh, too! Today, I challenge you to get in the frame with your kids! They need memories of you, too! I am always the one behind the camera, (like most moms!) so lately, I really have put in more effort to make self-portraits a thing for us!

This weekend, I had my hair highlighted for the first time since my wedding! I was bored and needed a change!  I got to visit with my gorgeous friend, Erykca, for three hours while she made my hair beautiful again! Let’s be honest, as a stay at home mom, my hair is rarely done and I wear makeup like once a month. Occasions like that just have to be documented so I pulled out my tripod and set the interval timer. My favorite thing about the interval timer on my camera is the bloopers that are always hilarious! {You have to read to the end for the blooper goodness!}

Lifestyle Moms

Tips for toddlers

Bribery! I’m all about the bribery! My toddler has suckers in a lot of his pictures and there is totally a reason for that! He has his own opinions about how things should go. Those opinions are usually the opposite of mine and this where the sucker comes in handy.  (Pray for me, y’all! When he’s a teenager… good gravy!) Usually, I can distract him just long enough to get the shot I’m looking for and move on. This was not that day! {Keep scrolling!}

Some days, I don’t even need bribes– just some tickling, tossing in the air, and snuggles will do just fine! Toddlers make like fun.  It’s always best to be prepared for everything because you never know who gave them the wrong color popsicle that morning!

Lifestyle Family PhotographyLifestyle Family PhotographyLifestyle Family Photography

Tips for Preschoolers and Bigger Kiddos

Engage in conversation! Have them tell you a story, show you silly faces, etc. What makes them laugh?  Think about what you want to remember most about this age. Does your daughter say a word in a silly way? Do you love to twirl her curls? Figure out what it is that you want to remember most and recreate that during your little mini-shoot! Those little moments are the ones you will want to treasure forever!

Moms, my challenge for you is to just GET IN THERE! I know that you and your kiddo will both look back on these moments with a grateful heart! 

And now, for the bloopers. These are the BEST part! I told you, an interval timer is a fantastic thing!

Lifestyle Family PhotographyLifestyle Family PhotographyLifestyle Family Photography

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It’s happening y’all! A few months ago this was just a distant dream, but today is the day that dreams come true! Aimee Hamilton Photography is now officially open for business and it’s just in time for your fall family photographs! My ultimate goal is to provide every family who books a full session with beautiful heirloom prints to hang on your walls, share with grandparents, and keep for your own grandchildren to see many years from now. Each full package features digitals and prints, with the ability to add custom framing, a gorgeous wrapped canvas, or beautiful albums.

I am so excited to share our Grand Opening plans with you!

  • ONE lucky family will win a 20 minute family mini-session AND a style for mama by my favorite stylist, the amazing Erykca Tinh! (See below for fine print details.)
  • EVERY family that books a family, newborn, or Fresh 48 session in August or September will receive a $50 discount on the package of their choice.

*Enter the give away here! Giveaway will close on Friday July 28th at midnight CST, Winners will be chosen Saturday, July 29th :  *Enter Raffle HERE!*

Feel free to have a look around my brand new website and all that will be offered! Also, make sure you sign up for the newsletter {scroll down!} so that you’ll be the FIRST to hear about Christmas mini-sessions in December! Be sure to check out the details of packages here!

The fine print: The give-away mini-session is 20 minutes long and will be held within 20 minutes of Montgomery, TX.  Mini-session winner will be gifted 8 images with the ability to purchase the full gallery. The mini-session must be scheduled and completed in August 2017. Winner must also sign my portrait contract & model release. No extended families. Styles by Erykca will be in her studio located in Vintage Park. The mama style gift card is not good for a cut or color, ONLY style. Style must take place on the same day as portrait session.

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