Deck the Halls with Christmas Mini Sessions in Houston


Christmas Mini Sessions in Houston

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my studio y’all! This year I am offering 4 days of Christmas Mini Sessions in Houston! There will be one day filled with outdoor family fun at the Christmas Tree Farm in Magnolia and another extra special family set-up in The Woodlands/Conroe area ! Santa will be also making his list and checking it twice! Ho Ho Ho! Bring your little one into the studio for a laid-back Santa mini-session! The fourth and final Christmas mini session will be these adorable Christmas PJ minis.

Christmas Mini-Session in Your PJs!

Christmas PJs are one of my favorites things about Christmas morning! I love that no one has to get dressed before the big celebrations begin! (Okay, at least that’s how we do it in my house!) This year I decided to bring some of that joy to you! Come dressed in your PJs and ready for FUN! We will sing along to Christmas music, eat a Christmas cookie, and just be silly! These sessions are perfect for young kiddos who still believe in the magic of Christmas!

Christmas Mini Sessions in HoustonChristmas Mini Sessions in Houston
Christmas Mini Sessions in HoustonChristmas Mini Sessions in HoustonChristmas Mini Sessions in Houston

What is included in your Christmas Mini Session?

Each Christmas PJ mini session is a KIDS ONLY session and comes with a Christmas cookie, 10 minutes of shooting time, and 5 digital images.  PJ Minis are $150. The background set up will change this year, but the overall style, (lots of white with Christmas greenery) will be the same! Click here to book your session now! 

Christmas Mini Sessions in HoustonBaby on a white bed for Christmas

Where to Buy PJs

I’ve heard lots of fantastic places to buy Christmas PJs lately! I always like to encourage you to buy from small business owners first! If you are in need of PJs this year, check out Zandy Zoos. I just adore this boutique and I guarantee they will have everything you need! The shop owner is so sweet and can help you find anything! If you like big, fluffy, southern bows, you can find Beyond Creation Bows there also! If you prefer smaller, more classic bows, Willow Crowns is your girl! I personally have far too many of both of their bows!

Christmas Products

After your session, I’m happy to help you create Christmas cards, mini-accordion albums for Christmas gifts, ornaments, or a canvas to hang on your walls! I think it would be so fun to hang your Christmas images year after year and watch your kids (and families) grow!

Book Now!

When you are ready to book your session, head over here! The studio is located just a few short minutes north of The Woodlands! Feel free to send me an email with any other questions that you may have!

For Santa Sessions on 11/16/19, click here!

Christmas PJ Minis  for 2019 will be on 11/30 and are for kids only!

For outdoor Christmas Sessions, click here!

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Houston Newborn Photography | Studio Newborn Photography

When I moved into my new brick and mortar studio this year, I knew I’d love it. What I didn’t know is just *how much*! My job in Houston newborn photography is really like my 4th kid, its a big deal to me. Most of all, I want my clients to feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed! I really try make this effortless for my clients . So far, everyone who comes to the new studio just raves about how much they love the studio and the experience. I’m grateful to be able to provide an easy-going, relaxed atmosphere for my clients, which brings me to this sweet session that I will definitely never forget!

Toddler Siblings, Anyone?

My job title here is Houston newborn photographer, but at home, I’m Mom. And I just happen to be a mom of three babies that are each 21 months part. Right now, they are 4,2, and 5 months which means I know the toddler/new sibling dynamic very well.

Many of the new babies who come to me have at least one older sibling. In some cases, those sweet siblings are just babies themselves. I mean to me, a two year old is still a baby because they really are snuggly! Anyway, this session was right around Easter. I still had a few Easter eggs filled with treats for kids laying around the studio. Wouldn’t you know it, those eggs were the best thing ever! The candy inside wasn’t even the best part– it was THROWING the eggs as FAR as we could between family shots! And that kid’s got an arm on him! Ha! Whatever it takes to make the kiddos happy is exactly what we’re going to do, even if it means an egg throwing contest in a newborn photography studio!

Houston Newborn Photography Studio

If you are considering newborn photography with me, I would love to show you around the studio and teach you a little bit more about a newborn session with me! In addition to providing all of the props, wraps, and headbands for your session, I also have a client wardrobe for mom and younger siblings. My studio is north of Houston in Magnolia, TX. I am just a short drive north of The Woodlands, TX with easy access to I-45.

For more information about booking a newborn session or membership plan, be sure to head over to this page and be sure to mention the JULY maternity/newborn combo special when you get in touch with me!

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The Last Drop | Houston Milk Bath Photographer

Everyone has a “bucket list,” right? That list of things you REALLY want to do? Well, being a Houston milk bath photographer was definitely at the top of my list! Y’all, this session was like something out of a fairy tale! Amber sent me an email about photographing a nursing milk bath session complete with soft floating florals and a floral crown. You guys are in for a real treat with this session! It’s literally breathtaking!

North Houston milk bath with baby boy and flowers

The Last Drop

Amber really wanted a beautiful way to photograph the bond between a nursing mama and her babe before he weaned. The first year of motherhood is just such a beautifully intimate experience. A milk bath session is unique way of capturing that experience!

Babies are only little for such a short time. They only look at you and smile that gummy grin while they nurse for a few months. They only want to lay in your arms and listen to you sing for so long before they’re able to take off walking! Those little things– the way they play with your hair, the way they smile, are the reason I am a photographer. Those little things are the memories that you’ll want to hold onto forever. Now– before I turn into a sappy puddle, I’ll just prove it to you in gorgeous pictures! (Disclaimer: For privacy and respect of mama and baby, most of the sweetest images (all the nursing ones) from this shoot won’t be shown. You’ll still get a really good idea of how precious this is!

Mama looks at her baby boy in Houston milk bath session
Baby boy in milk bath with his mom
Baby boy plays with his mom in Houston milk bath

When to Book Your Houston Milk Photographer?

If you are hoping for a nursing milk bath session, I would say sometime between 4-9 months is best. In my personal experience, my babies tend to be pretty easily distracted. For my babies, earlier would probably be best! The camera tends to be pretty interesting to look at for older babies. It’s big and black, unlike anything they’ve really seen before!

I am a North Houston area photographer specializing in Motherhood. I know what you’re thinking. What in the world does that mean, Aimee!? My job is simply to show you the beauty in being a mama from the belly through the early years. That’s it! I capture your growing family every step of the way! Bellies, babies, and beyond! All of my current milk bath sessions are done at The Oak Atelier in Conroe just a few minutes north of The Woodlands. Ready to capture those precious memories, too? Let’s do it! Get in touch with me here and let’s talk!

A Little Bonus from this Session

When we rent The Oak Atelier, we are renting a room with the tub for the milk bath session. The room also includes this beautiful floral wall that I’m in love with! It’s such a fun little bonus!

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Houston Newborn Photography | A big surprise!

Sometime in March, I received a phone call from someone who had just seen Skye’s maternity session and loved it! It turns out that she was interested in Houston newborn photography because she was planning on gifting a maternity and newborn session to her daughter! Let me tell you, it is SO fun to be part of a surprise like that! The new grandma was going to surprise daughter with the gift at her baby shower. Isn’t that just the sweetest gift? Start dropping hints ladies! I can keep a secret. Ha!

The Maternity Session

Krissa’s maternity session was just beautiful. We went to one of my favorite locations in Montgomery, TX, which is Fernland! It is a historical park with several old homes. My favorite spot is the beautiful White House at the front of the park!

The Newborn Session- Houston Newborn Photography

Baby Hartley’s newborn session came and I was so excited to meet this princess! I had already seen pictures and let me tell you– she is her mama’s twin!

Before I share these, I want you to know that I am not in the business of making babies cry. In fact, I go out of my way to soothe babies and make sure they are comfortable, full, and happy! That said, Hartley was not a fan of being put down at all. I wrapped her up, had her nice and happy, but within 10 seconds of me shooting, she would make this adorable little fuss face. Needless to say, her individual shots were super duper fast because I knew that I only had seconds! I did manage to catch just one fuss face and I just think it’s the cutest thing ever! Sometimes, you just have to remember who they really are! And Miss Hartley? Well, she likes to be snuggled! How dare you put her down!

Secretly, I think I love her little fuss face because I have had three “don’t you dare put me down” babies! That just means they’re extra snuggly! I think about those first few weeks when all you can do is snuggle, feed, and sleep and think how lucky we are to be blessed with such a sweet task!

Newborn baby girl wrapped in all white
Newborn Baby Girl Wrapped in All white
New family in North Houston Newborn photography studio
New Family Poses in North Houston newborn photography studio
Mama kisses her new baby girl wearing all white in north houston newborn photography studio
Close up of baby toes snuggled with mama
Close up image of newborn baby hair in Houston newborn photography studio
New mom wearing white Fillyboo dress snuggles a sleeping new baby in Houston newborn photography studio

Mama’s Fillyboo Wonder Years dress is part of the client wardrobe available to all clients!

North Houston Newborn Photography

I am a North Houston newborn photographer specializing in motherhood. What does that mean? Simply put, it just means that I capture the early years from belly and beyond! Maternity sessions, newborns, baby sessions, cake smashes, and young families are the perfect fit for me! I also offer speciality sessions like a milk bath, in unique locations!

For more details about a newborn session in Houston, follow this link!

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A Birthday Celebration | Houston Baby Photographer

Any guesses about what my favorite thing about being a Houston Baby Photographer is? I love, love, love when parents bring me their sweet babies to celebrate first birthdays! I recently introduced a new First Year Collection for parents interested in documenting their baby from the belly to the first birthday!

The first birthday can be celebrated in SO many different ways! Studio cake smashes are very popular, but that’s not the only thing I offer! I have done a cake smash on the beach in Galveston, at the park in downtown Houston, and locally here in the Woodlands! Some mamas even choose to have a family session to celebrate making it through the first year! (It’s such a blur, isn’t it?!)

Simple First Birthday Portraits

This mama chose to celebrate her baby girl with a simple baby session in the studio. We used a few of her smocked dresses as well as two of the studio rompers that are always included in a session with me! I love whites, neutrals like cream & gray, as well as pastels! Those colors are just beautiful on your babies!

Joy Marie Clothing (ivory romper below) & She Loves Her Mama (lavender romper below) are two of my favorite small shops for baby portraits! Both of these talented ladies make high quality children’s clothing that are perfect for your session! (I have both of their rompers in my studio, but I can also help you with a discount code to She Loves Her Mama! Use the code AHP10 to save!)

Baby on white bed in Houston area studio
Ruffled Baby Butt in all white studio
Close up of baby girl
Close up of baby girl in smocked dress

Aimee Hamilton is a North Houston baby photographer specializing in capturing the first year from bump to baby! The studio is located in Magnolia, TX just a few minutes away from The Woodlands. The studio is the perfect location for maternity, newborn, baby, and cake smash portraits! Get it touch with me here to chat about your next portraits or see pricing information here!

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The Sweetest Cheeks | Houston Newborn Photographer

Let’s talk a little bit about Instagram for a sec. More and more moms are using Instagram to search for all the things they need. Dresses? Bows? A romper for your daughter? A vintage suspender set for your son? It’s ALL on the gram. (The best part is that when you search, you can find all kinds of small businesses run by mamas!) That’s a topic for another day, but Instagram is also the perfect place to find your photographer! If you search for Houston Newborn Photographer, guess who you’ll find? Yep, this girl! It was tough work getting there, but it worked out SO well! Skye (maybe you remember her from this maternity session) was one of the first mamas who contacted me from Instagram! Let me tell you– the IG gods were totally in my favor that day, because she is such a gem and I have truly loved getting to know her and meeting her beautiful baby girl! The best part– she surprised me today with a beautiful blog about her experience with me!

So Cheeky

Have you heard of the children’s book That’s Good! That’s Bad by Margery Cuyler? As a teacher I loved it! Everything good thing is spinned in a bad way, or vice versa. Anyway– here’s the thing. When you have a bigger than average newborn, everyone immediately thinks of the poor mama and in their head says “oh, that’s bad.” But– take your 9 pound 9 ounce newborn to a photographer and she will say “No, that’s GOOD!” Those newborns over about 8.5 pounds have already established their arm roll and cheek game, y’all! And do you know what I love… CHEEKS… and any kind of roll! So, I’ll stop chatting and introduce you all to the cutest cheeky girl there is!

Newborn Pose to show off baby rolls
Macro baby lips
Side lying newborn baby girl pose
Portrait of Motherhood
Close up of new family holding baby girl
Newborn portrait of dad holding newborn girl

If you didn’t read it before, you have to go check out Skye’s blog about her newborn session! She gave a fantastic “behind the scenes” look of a shoot with me!

Interested in booking your own newborn session? Let’s chat! I am a Houston newborn photographer with a studio for maternity, newborn and baby photography in The Woodlands area. I look forward to helping with all of your portrait needs! Check out this link for newborn photography details.

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The Sweetest Duo | Houston Twin Newborn Photographer

Pop quiz! What’s my favorite thing to shoot? YEP. It’s twins! I am a Houston Twin newborn photographer and I think it is just about the most adorable thing. I know everyone thinks twins are precious and of course I’m no different! Anytime a mama e-mails me about a twin newborn session I get so excited! I don’t even know what it is, they’re just undeniably the cutest little things on the planet! I’m sure their parents are 110% more exhausted than others but you’d never know it by looking at these sweet new parents!

Close to the time of your newborn session, I will send out a questionnaire that helps me know what to focus on during your session. The biggest question for me with twins is one that parents really need to think about! When you are hanging your portraits, do you want to hang mostly portraits of them together? Or do your prefer them to be separate? Or equal mix of both? If it were me, I think I’d want to hang a large portrait of the babies together, with an individual portrait of each baby on either side. Maybe something like this!

Sample of framed twin portraits on a wall

What if my twins come early? | Houston Twin Newborn Photographer

Typically, my newborn sessions are done between day 6 and 10 after birth. Sometimes, when twins come early, they spend some time in the NICU which pushes back our session a little bit. These babies are here to prove that is no big deal, especially when babies are early! These angels were about 6 weeks for their newborn session and they ROCKED it!

Newborn with awesome hair
Taco baby girl pose Houston
Chin on hands boy pose
Vertical Side lying newborn pose

Aimee Hamilton is a Houston newborn photographer with a light and airy studio just north of The Woodlands, TX. AHP offers both studio & in-home lifestyle portraits. For more details about newborn and baby’s first year plans, click here!

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Big News for Newborn Photography in The Woodlands!

I’ve been holding out on you guys and keeping a really big secret. You see, I wanted to have the keys in my hand and be officially moved in before I made any announcements. If you follow my social media pages, you may have seen me spill the beans! I, Aimee Hamilton Photography, just opened a brand new studio for newborn photography in The Woodlands, TX. You guys, it is just so perfect. The new studio features white walls, gorgeous natural light, and soft textures. I’ve still got a few finishing touches that I’d like to work on, but I can’t wait to get a tour of the studio on the new blog!

First session in the new studio

Can I get a drum roll please?! I hope you all are just as excited as I am to see the first newborn session in the new studio! I am really excited about how beautifully these turned out. I went with white walls for a classic, light and airy look.

I think it truly creates a timeless and classic gallery that you will treasure for generations! My hope for your portraits is that your investment is an heirloom that can be passed down to your children and their children. (Hint, make sure they are printed so that you can do that!)

Book your Newborn Session Early!

One question that I get asked a lot is when to book. The answer is to plan ahead! I’m a wife and a mama of 3 first. I fill my calendar up to the max, but sometimes I still have to say I’m full. The best time to book is during your second trimester! Looking for more details? Head over to my newborn page for the latest details!

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Spilling my Cake Smash Photography Secrets |Cake Smash Photography in Houston

All white cake smash

Do you know what I love? Watching your babies grow! I have been so honored to photograph this beautiful girl since before she was even born! I have done a maternity, newborn, Santa, and birthday session for her and I’m SO thankful! It truly is an honor to be blesses with the task of providing your family with heirlooms that you will treasure! Cake smash photography in Houston is such popular milestone photoshoot! I love being able to offer cake smashes in my studio, outdoors, and even on the beach!

Baby Toes at All White Cake Smash

Cake Smash Photography- Secrets Spilled

Ask any cake smash photographer and they’ll tell you that a lot of babies don’t love their cake. Shocking right? That’s not what you see all over your social media accounts, but it’s the truth! I have found the *perfect* solution! By the time your baby is scheduled for their session, they know that their high chair is where they eat, right? I have added an adorable antique high chair to my cake smashes and now the babies LOVE their cakes! Isn’t that funny? It’s almost like they didn’t know what to do with it before! I currently use a white chair that I love, but if you ever find another antique chair locally, send it my way! I’d love to add a couple other colors.

Cake Smash Wardrobe Included

I’m all about doing things that are easy! I provide wardrobe pieces for your cakesmash that photograph well. My client wardrobe includes beautiful textures, neutrals, and soft colors to create that timeless look that we love so much on our little ones. I love supporting other small businesses like Joy Marie Clothing, Little Dashing Darling, and She Loves Her Mama when I’m shopping for my cake smash clothing.

When should I book a cake smash session?

Promise to not think I’m crazy? Plan to book your session around the time your baby turns 8-9 months old. Ideally, we want your session to happen before that sweet babe can get up and run away from us. That means your session will be around the 10.5-11 month time frame. Standing and taking steps is perfect, too! Not all babies walk early and that’s okay! I also like to have your session done early so that you have the ability to get prints before their first birthday party!

Ready to book your own cake smash photography in Houston?

Let’s do it! You are welcome to review the details here and then shoot me a message to talk more! There’s nothing I love more than creating memories with you! *Mention this blog for 10% off your cake smash session fee!*

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Grand Opening Celebration | Houston Photography Studio

Y’all, I am so excited to invite you to my new Houston photograph studio, just a few minutes north of The Woodlands. This is definitely going to be a fun event that you don’t want to miss! There will be shopping, door prizes, and of course, a fantastic giveaway.

Houston Photography Studio

New Location-Houston Photography Studio

ADDRESS: 8375 FM 1488 Magnolia, TX 77354

My new studio is about 10 minutes north of The Woodlands. I am off of FM1488, just past FM 2978. From I-45 or the Woodlands, drive west on FM 1488 just past Tamina Road. The studio will be on the left, next door to CrossFit Magnolia.

The Grand Opening

WHEN: April 6th 10am-12pm

The Grand Opening of the new studio will be on April 6, 2019 from 10-12. It is a casual come and go event with a couple door prizes, AWESOME giveaways, a discount or two, a little shopping, and of course some yummy snacks!

The GRAND Prize Giveaway: A complete baby plan! (Maternity, Mini-Newborn, & Cakesmash collection.) Trust me when I say, this is a once in a life time opportunity!

Feel Free to RSVP to the Facebook event for updated details!

A Little Shopping

I have also invited a couple friends to come out for a little pop up shop! Each of these amazing women will have great things for you!

Drop by as you can, say hello, grab a snack, and enter the giveaways! I can’t wait to see you all there! For more events with AHP, see below!

Other Upcoming AHP Events

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