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Photography Through the Lens of a Mother | Photography Workshop for Moms

Hello Friends! I have wanted to teach a photography workshop for moms for SO long now! I’m so excited to finally pull everything together, gather a group of moms and teach you how to use that camera that’s stuck in auto. If you are a mom with a DSLR or mirrorless camera, and you want to get out of auto permanently, this is the class for you!

My goal is to teach you the basics of photography so that you can document your family’s memories for years to come. Some of my favorite pictures I have of my kiddos are what I think are really just moments best captured by their mom. For example, one of my favorite pictures of my boys was just them being silly in the bath. Another favorite was my husband reading to our toddler the night before he became a big brother!  As a mom of three, I know just how quickly those tiny moments go by. I think it’s important for you to be able to capture them as well!

Photography Workshop for Moms


A Photography Workshop for Moms

If you have followed me for a while, then you know that I was actually a teacher and curriculum specialist before my oldest was born! I am really looking forward to teaching again, while also taking the things you DO know and building on them. This class is really about the basics of photography and learning what you need at your level. I will cover the exposure triangle, white balance, focusing, lighting and composition. I will close the class with a brief look at how I edit my images. Each mother who leaves my studio will have the confidence they need to capture consistent, properly exposed, well lit images of their family and children.

The Details

January 26, 2019


$200 per attendee


Q & A | A Photography Workshop for Moms

Is this class for photographers?

I believe that this class is too basic for a photographer.

What do I need to attend class?

You will need a mirrorless or DSLR camera. I will be MOST helpful with any Nikon camera, but can still help you with Canon or Sony as well. If you are looking to buy a new camera, this article gives great tips about purchasing a DSLR vs Mirrorless. I have both a Nikon DSLR and a Nikon mirrorless camera.

What lenses do you suggest?

*These are not a requirement of the class, however, if you are purchasing a new camera, SKIP the kit lens and buy just the body!* I think the best learning lenses are just a simple 35mm 1.8 or 50mm 1.8. The choice you make there will depend on your camera body. If you have a crop sensor camera, the 35mm 1.8 is the best because you will have more room in camera! If you have a full frame camera, I love a good nifty fifty!

What should I bring to class?

How many people will be in the class?

This photography workshop for moms will be capped at 8 so that I am able to give personalized assistance to everyone who attends. I am also requiring a minimum of 4 to hold the class, so please share with your friends!

Sign-up Here

for the Photography Workshop for Moms!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to me, here! I am always happy to chat!

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New Year, New “Headshots” | The Woodlands Business Portrait Minis

The end of a decade! That sounds so crazy, doesn’t it? Let’s do something special this January and refresh your branding images!  Clients love to see the person behind the brand or blog, don’t they? I think that’s what I love most about all of the “Top 9” grids that are coming out! I’ve got several business owner friends whose top 9 includes a whole lot of them! Why? Because your clients love seeing you, learning about you, and supporting you. What are you waiting for!  Join me in these very limited business portrait mini- sessions. Let’s get YOU out in front of your client and give you a few solid portraits to use on your website and social media!

The Woodlands Business Portraits

The Details:

Individual Portraits Only, Businesses with multiple employees, inquire here!

Afternoon of January 19th

15 minutes | 5 HR Digital Files | Starting at $125

Booking Link: Book Now!

Lifestyle Headshots in The Woodlands, TX

The Woodlands Business PortraitsHouston, TX Business PortraitHeadshots in Houston, TXHouston, TX headshot photographerHouston, TX studio headshot photographyDallas, TX Headshot photographyDallas, TX HeadshotsHeadshots in The Woodlands, TXThe Woodlands Headshot Photographer

Aimee Hamilton is a lifestyle photographer with a light and airy studio in Magnolia, TX.

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Spilling my Cake Smash Photography Secrets |Cake Smash Photography in Houston

All white cake smash

Do you know what I love? Watching your babies grow! I have been so honored to photograph this beautiful girl since before she was even born! I have done a maternity, newborn, Santa, and birthday session for her and I’m SO thankful! It truly is an honor to be blesses with the task of providing your family with heirlooms that you will treasure! Cake smash photography in Houston is such popular milestone photoshoot! I love being able to offer cake smashes in my studio, outdoors, and even on the beach!

Baby Toes at All White Cake Smash

Cake Smash Photography- Secrets Spilled

Ask any cake smash photographer and they’ll tell you that a lot of babies don’t love their cake. Shocking right? That’s not what you see all over your social media accounts, but it’s the truth! I have found the *perfect* solution! By the time your baby is scheduled for their session, they know that their high chair is where they eat, right? I have added an adorable antique high chair to my cake smashes and now the babies LOVE their cakes! Isn’t that funny? It’s almost like they didn’t know what to do with it before! I currently use a white chair that I love, but if you ever find another antique chair locally, send it my way! I’d love to add a couple other colors.

Cake Smash Wardrobe Included

I’m all about doing things that are easy! I provide wardrobe pieces for your cakesmash that photograph well. My client wardrobe includes beautiful textures, neutrals, and soft colors to create that timeless look that we love so much on our little ones. I love supporting other small businesses like Joy Marie Clothing, Little Dashing Darling, and She Loves Her Mama when I’m shopping for my cake smash clothing.

When should I book a cake smash session?

Promise to not think I’m crazy? Plan to book your session around the time your baby turns 8-9 months old. Ideally, we want your session to happen before that sweet babe can get up and run away from us. That means your session will be around the 10.5-11 month time frame. Standing and taking steps is perfect, too! Not all babies walk early and that’s okay! I also like to have your session done early so that you have the ability to get prints before their first birthday party!

Ready to book your own cake smash photography in Houston?

Let’s do it! You are welcome to review the details here and then shoot me a message to talk more! There’s nothing I love more than creating memories with you! *Mention this blog for 10% off your cake smash session fee!*

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7 Things I Wish I Had For My First Baby!

Are you ready to set up your registry for your sweet baby? I think I scanned everything in Buy Buy Baby! No, really. We thought we needed every little thing in that store! Thankfully, our friends knew better and didn’t buy us twenty adorable pairs of newborn shoes that he would never wear! By the time number three came around, we had our minimal list ready to go! I put together this quick list for you of all the must have baby items for new (and experienced) moms!

Newborn sleeping in dockatot

Must Have Baby Items for All Moms!

  1. DockATot– This was actually not something that we had with our first, but was a staple with number 2 and now 3! I’ll admit that our children are worn most of the time and love being held. The DockATot makes them feel as if they are still being snuggled. Instead of getting lost in a crib or even bassinet, the Dockatot is the perfect size for the little guys! Pro Tip: The Dockatot makes transitioning to the crib a breeze! When you’re ready, just move the baby and the Dockatot! They won’t even know they’ve upgraded from the bassinet or mom’s bed!
  2. Halo Bassinet- I think we have had a “luxury” purchase with each of our babies. For Aubree, it was the Halo bassinet, but I wish we had it with all three of our babes! The Halo keeps her close by, but also provides a safe space (away from her silly big brothers) during the day! The DockATot fits perfectly inside the Halo! We bought the “Premiere” version with the sounds and vibration but honestly, we haven’t used them like we thought! The simple, bassinet only option would have been perfect for us!
  3. Stretchy Wrap- For a squishy newborn, I absolutely love a stretchy wrap! My top choices are the Solly & Happy wraps because they are thin and breathable for the warmer temps in Houston! Our three newborns have been worn from birth in a stretchy wrap! We recently added a blush colored Solly since we have a girl this time! You know I have to have ALL the girly things!
  4. Velcro Swaddles- Our first two babies wouldn’t sleep for one second if they weren’t in a tight swaddle! As first time parents, we couldn’t swaddle tight enough. Arms and legs were constantly breaking free, but the final straw was honestly how nervous it made me to have them in a blanket at night. We switched over to the Swaddle Me Swaddles for safety purposes and instantly fell in love! They are so much easier to use and they are safer for night time! Aubree has been a little different than her brothers because she prefers her arms to be free. This time, we are using the Halo Swaddle. She still feels swaddled, but is able to keep her arms out!
  5. Zipadee-Zip– When it was time to transition out of the swaddle, I panicked a little. I really thought my kids would never sleep again and I would have to live on coffee! About that time, I discovered the magic of a Zipadee-Zip. These things are incredibly simple, yet so perfect! You have to read for yourself all about how it works! Bonus points– your baby will look like a little starfish! Ha!
  6. Sakura Bloom Ring Sling-If you’re looking for the one thing that I never leave the house without– this is it! Ring slings do have a bit of a learning curve, but once you get it down, you’ll love it! One of my favorite things about the sling is that its quick. When I’m in the parking lot at preschool to pick up my oldest, I’m not fiddling with a wrap that takes time. I pop baby in and I’m on my way! Ring slings are also cooler than many wraps because they are made of a breathable linen or silk! My two slings are silk because it will carry baby from the newborn to toddler days and I love the wrinkle free texture! Plus, that shine is unmatched!

Drop me a Line!

I’m a big sucker for trying out the latest “it” baby item! I’d love to hear what you’re using and loving! Drop me a comment below so can we all learn about the fun things out there for moms and their babes!

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Timeless Wall Art for Your Newborn Portraits

Timeless Wall Art for Your Newborn Portraits

You just received your beautiful newborn gallery. You’ve been swooning over them for a week. Grandparents, sisters, uncles, and all of your closest friends have seen how beautiful your new family is. Now what? You’re not going to let your investment live on a hard drive are you? Of course not! It’s time to hang your newborn portraits on the walls of your home! One of the most popular products that I offer is timeless wall art for your newborn portraits!  I have a variety of frames for you to choose from as well as gallery collections that are already created for you to fit together perfectly!

This set of three framed newborn portraits is one of my favorite collections because of its simple elegance. It is the perfect touch of timeless and modern with clean lines. The middle portrait is a 20X20 in a 24X24 frame, while the outer two are 16×20 matted prints in 20×24 frames. Each light weight frame comes with sawtooth hangers that make hanging these a breeze! I even have this very collection hanging in my studio as samples!

Timeless Wall Art

Deckled Prints: Timeless Wall Art

One day, these stunning prints will get their own blog post. Deckled prints are simply fine art prints with a hand torn edge. Newborn sessions looking stunning on deckled prints and floated on top of a white matte. I highly recommend it for all of my clients! It’s a look that can’t be matched! (Hint: I’ll be printing my own newborn session this way!)

How to Order

I have good news for you! Ordering prints and other wall art is a breeze! When you receive your newborn portraits, your gallery will have a link to “shop.” It’s that simple. Everything you need will be right at your fingertips! I’m also happy to help you custom design a gallery for your walls with sizes that work best for your home or wall. Just give me a call at anytime.



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I’ve got my photos, now what? Montgomery Photographer

I’ve Got My Photos, Now What?!

Montgomery Photographer

I know what you’re thinking. Duh, Aimee. I’m going to make one of those awesome gallery walls everyone else is making! What kind of Montgomery photographer doesn’t know about those? Ha! Okay, but seriously have you seen those beautiful grids all over Instagram? I’m working on making one for my own living room, because our photos in print are SO important!

My three year old is suddenly obsessed with seeing pictures of our family. He wants to see himself, mommy and daddy, baby brother, grand parents, etc! Our albums {coming soon to AHP!} are one of his favorite things to look through! When he gets married, I want to make sure I have photos to give him of his childhood. I have no idea what kind of technology will be around, but I know for certain that printed photographs will hold more value than anything else we can pass down to him. You see, those are his memories. They will be the moments he remembers, or the tiny details he never knew. There will come a day that he will want to hold a photo of his mother or father more than anything in the world. For now, let’s hang those gorgeous photos on your wall, print them in an album for your coffee table, or place them in a beautiful display box for all to admire! Then, when your kids are grown, you have something to hand down to them!

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. Aaron Siskind

What are my options?

The sky is the limit, my friend! I have my favorites available to see and hold in my studio, but there are so many things that we can create! The most popular choices are framed portraits ready to hang, canvas, keepsake boxes, albums, and torn edge prints! (I will share more about the deckled (torn edge) prints in another post, because those are just a whole post full of luxury and beauty!) Here are a few samples of the new products this fall!

Keepsake Boxes

You say you love pictures,  and you booked the works–maternity, newborn, sitter, and cakesmash! What in the world are you going to do with all of those pictures? An album of course! Or, if that’s not your cup of tea, this keepsake box is just right! It will fit a year’s worth of images easily! It even would make the perfect gift for grandparents and family members! How will you fill your box?

Montgomery PhotographerMontgomery PhotographerWhat could be more precious than a naked baby at the beach? How about that beautiful rose gold USB? Each keepsake box also comes with a USB to hold each of your portraits!

Montgomery Photographer
Montgomery Photographer

Mounted Prints

Would you like it in an easel? Would you like it in a frame? I do not like them in a computer! I do not like that Sam I am. (Just making sure you’re still with me!)

Montgomery PhotographerMontgomery PhotographerMontgomery Photographer


Before I present you with my luxury albums, I want to share my favorite mini-albums with you! These are also perfect for grandparent gifts because they come as a set of 3! The pages of this accordion album are slightly thicker and textured with fine linen.

Montgomery Photographer

Ready to Hang, Framed Portraits

These framed portraits are by far one of my favorite services that I have for my clients.   Searching for the perfect frame to match your home can be tough! I have done all the hard work for you by gathering them all in one place! When you order a framed print, your item will be ready for you to immediately hang it up on your walls as soon as it is in your hands!


Montgomery Photographer

Aimee Hamilton Photography is a newborn and family photographer in Montgomery, TX with a studio in Magnolia, TX. These products are available for all clients who book a session with AHP! Send me an email at anytime to chat about the products that are available for your portraits!

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What Should We Wear?– The Woodlands Family Photographer

What Should We Wear?

The Woodlands Family Photographer

Guys, I have a big surprise for you! I have been drooling over Honey Tree Style & Select for a few months now, but have been too nervous to pull the trigger. Well, I finally did it and you are going to absolutely love it!

There are 3 keys to a successful session: light, location, and wardrobe. In my opinion, the third one is the hardest to achieve, but also one of the most powerful pieces to the puzzle. The colors, textures, and shape in your clothing really create a polished, cohesive portrait!  I’ve found something that is quick and easy to help you!

The Woodlands Family Photographer

What is it?

The Woodlands Family Photographer

Honey Tree Style & Select is an online styling tool for photographers and their clients. It was started by two photographers who were looking for a styling solution for their own clients because we all know that styling a family can be tough.  Styling involves a lot of research, coordination, and time in the stores. Just taking the time to do the shopping is hard when you have young kiddos. (My two boys are not shoppers!) This is going to completely change how you feel about dressing your family for portraits!

How does it work?

The Woodlands Family Photographer

After booking, all clients will receive an email containing an exclusive access code. Once you are logged into the system, you will be asked for details about your family like ages/sizes and genders. The final questions are for your overall “style” and color choices.  Then, like magic, you will be given coordinating options for every member in your family! The clothing choices come from stores you already know and love, with some new faces thrown in as well!  You will then be able to “favorite” items to see them paired with the rest of your family’s clothing. At the top of the page, you will see a little box like this to help you see how your choices look together.

The Woodlands Family Photographer

When you have finished, the final step is to use the email button to email them to yourself. Your email will list all of your selections along with a link to purchase the items! Quick, easy, and quite fun! The best part is that it will also email your selections to me for feedback as well! Y’all this is going to take every bit of stress and guess work out of planning your portraits! These girls have picked pieces that are portrait worthy and will photograph well. I truly can’t wait for the first clients to get their email!


Aimee Hamilton is a family photographer serving The Woodlands, Magnolia, Conroe, and Montgomery, TX. To book your family session, contact me here!



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3 Tips for a Successful Maternity Session- Conroe Maternity Photographer

3 Tips for a Successful Maternity Session

Conroe Maternity Photographer

{One} Pamper yourself! 

Pregnancy is such a beautiful stage of life! You are growing 10 fingers and 10 tiny toes, you deserve a day to relax! Before your session hire your favorite hair and make-up stylist, get a pedicure, and live like a princess! By the time our session starts you’ll feel absolutely glamorous!

{Two} Go with a Maxi! 

A maxi dress is flowy and oh-so flattering to expectant mamas! Choose one that makes you feel like you just walked off the red carpet! I have a studio collection of dresses that I always encourage you to try on first! You’re welcome to make an appointment with me and see how the dresses look.

My favorite shop for maternity dresses is Filly Boo Maternity. I just adore the boho look offered by Fillyboo! I even have two of their dresses in my studio collection.  Lace is also so beautifully feminine on maternity clients! I recently added this beautiful dress to my studio for clients to borrow!

Conroe Maternity Photographer

{Three} Book Early! 

I am one of those people who starts to swell the day I find out I’m pregnant. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but not really! I know that if I want a maternity session, I need to do it at the end of the second trimester. Depending on your body, you may want to do the same!  It is best to start talking to me early so that we can be prepared and get you on the calendar! Some moms can’t wait until the end of their pregnancy and look stunning! You know your body best!


If you think this will be your last baby, please book a maternity session! You may not ever get to see that beautiful pregnant glow again!  One day your kids will ask to see what you looked like pregnant! Give them your best!

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5 Reasons In-Home Sessions are Uniquely You- Montgomery, TX Family Photography

5 Reasons In-Home Sessions are Uniquely You!

Montgomery, TX Family Photography

Family portraits are so important! They provide your family with memories, milestones to look back on, and a legacy to pass on for generations! The trend is to find a a beautiful outdoor location and frolic in the fields. Don’t get me wrong– I love a golden sunset in a field! But, there are more options than that!  Your family will look just as gorgeous in your own home as they do anywhere else. In fact, your session might be BETTER because of it!

1. You LOVE your home! It’s not just a house.

My husband and I recently moved into a home that was built just for us. We picked the floors, carpet, granite, brick, the siding, garage colors, etc. Our home is ours and we adore it!  We spend a lot of time here and have made it our home. My home has portraits that my toddler drew, baby toys, and our favorite couch. It has our bed, and my son’s nursery. All of those things make our home ours. It is personal and unique to us.

Your home is unique to you! It is a location no one else can recreate! It is where your children are growing up and creating memories! Your walls are covered in your wedding portraits, family portraits, and art work that you picked specifically for your child! You may have even spent months decorating a new nursery while anticipating a new baby! Those are the details you will look back on with love!

Montgomery, TX Family Photography

2. Everyone is comfortable. 

One of my favorite things about shooting in clients homes, is how comfortable everyone is, especially the kids. Children love to show me their toys, their bedrooms, and give me a tour of the house before we get started!

Montgomery, TX Family PhotographyMontgomery, Tx Newborn Photographer


3. All about you! 

In-home sessions are the best at reflecting your traditions, values, and family lifestyle! When I book in-home sessions, I ask the family to think about things they like to do together, or things that make them smile.

Of course, we start each session with the traditional portraits, but the real fun begins when we get a little more candid! Do you like to bake together?  Do you make pancakes on Christmas morning? Is there a favorite game you play? Do you have a library full of favorite books to read?

Montgomery, TX Family PhotographyMontgomery, TX Family PhotographyMontgomery, TX Family PhotographyMontgomery, TX Family Photographer

4. It gives your kids something real to look back and remember.

Twenty years from now, when your children pull out their old photographs, they will look back and say, “Oh, I loved sliding down that banister!” Or, “My favorite room in the house was the kitchen, because I was always cooking with Mom.” Whatever it may be, your home holds real memories and personality that it adds to your images.

Montgomery, TX family photography Montgomery, TX Family Photography

Side note: There is a new game out that I’m dying to try! Has anyone tried Kinder Perfect?

5. Everyone is so comfortable, that you might catch something hilarious…. 

No caption needed for this one. It completely cracked me up! Family game night may Never be the same again!

Montgomery, TX Family Photography

Aimee Hamilton is a Montgomery, TX family photographer specializing in newborn and young family portraits. Aimee Hamilton serves The Woodlands, Magnolia, Tomball, Conroe, Montgomery, Spring, and Cypress, TX. Travel sessions are also available.

Want to be the first to hear about Valentine Mini’s? Sign up for VIP treatment here!!

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Get in there!

Did anyone else start singing “Yah,Yah” when you read the title? Don’t let me be the only one!

Since my littlest was born, I have made it my mission to get in the frame with him at least once a month. When my boys grow up, I want them to have oodles of pictures of their family. I want them to be able to look at a photograph and feel the love we have for  them, see the fun we had together, or remember the adventures we have been on. Those memories will be there for them forever! {That’s also why I insist on printing our pictures! I’ve been working on how to save all of our photographs, but more on that another time!}

The Beauty of the Self Timer

Moms, get in there! Give your kids the gift of memories and try a self portrait! Break out your phone and balance it on your dresser with some books. Then, set your self timer and RUN! That’ll make your kids laugh, too! Today, I challenge you to get in the frame with your kids! They need memories of you, too! I am always the one behind the camera, (like most moms!) so lately, I really have put in more effort to make self-portraits a thing for us!

This weekend, I had my hair highlighted for the first time since my wedding! I was bored and needed a change!  I got to visit with my gorgeous friend, Erykca, for three hours while she made my hair beautiful again! Let’s be honest, as a stay at home mom, my hair is rarely done and I wear makeup like once a month. Occasions like that just have to be documented so I pulled out my tripod and set the interval timer. My favorite thing about the interval timer on my camera is the bloopers that are always hilarious! {You have to read to the end for the blooper goodness!}

Lifestyle Moms

Tips for toddlers

Bribery! I’m all about the bribery! My toddler has suckers in a lot of his pictures and there is totally a reason for that! He has his own opinions about how things should go. Those opinions are usually the opposite of mine and this where the sucker comes in handy.  (Pray for me, y’all! When he’s a teenager… good gravy!) Usually, I can distract him just long enough to get the shot I’m looking for and move on. This was not that day! {Keep scrolling!}

Some days, I don’t even need bribes– just some tickling, tossing in the air, and snuggles will do just fine! Toddlers make like fun.  It’s always best to be prepared for everything because you never know who gave them the wrong color popsicle that morning!

Lifestyle Family PhotographyLifestyle Family PhotographyLifestyle Family Photography

Tips for Preschoolers and Bigger Kiddos

Engage in conversation! Have them tell you a story, show you silly faces, etc. What makes them laugh?  Think about what you want to remember most about this age. Does your daughter say a word in a silly way? Do you love to twirl her curls? Figure out what it is that you want to remember most and recreate that during your little mini-shoot! Those little moments are the ones you will want to treasure forever!

Moms, my challenge for you is to just GET IN THERE! I know that you and your kiddo will both look back on these moments with a grateful heart! 

And now, for the bloopers. These are the BEST part! I told you, an interval timer is a fantastic thing!

Lifestyle Family PhotographyLifestyle Family PhotographyLifestyle Family Photography

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