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Houston Lifestyle Newborn Photography: What to Consider!

Houston Lifestyle Newborn Photography: What to Consider!

Achieving the “Look” Behind the Portraits

Lifestyle newborn photography is growing in popularity! Many new moms are choosing an in-home session to show off their beautiful new baby and that nursery you worked so hard on! But, how do you decide if an in-home session is right for you? Are you stuck between a studio and in-home session? There are a few things I tell my clients to think about before they make that decision.


Houston Newborn Photographer Houston Newborn PhotographyHouston Lifestyle Newborn Photography


The lighting in your home is definitely one of the most important factors in creating portraits that are most like what you see in my portfolio. Natural light creates the most beautiful portraits! Take a walk through your living room, master bedroom, and nursery. If you open your curtains and blinds, but turn the lights off, what is the lighting like? Is it still bright and airy in the morning light? You could even try taking a picture of a light colored object in the room and see how it looks!

If you are lucky enough to have multiple large windows in your bedrooms, an in-home session might be a great choice for you!


Along with lighting, the color palette in your home is going to be a major factor in your decision. I’ll use my own home as an example! I have dark colors in almost every room except for the nurseries upstairs! Our master bedroom is full of dark furniture as well as our living room. I like my portraits to be light and airy so I am choosing a studio session for my own newborn portraits. The dark colors in my home will give me portraits that seem a bit darker than my normal style. In addition, if I had a home with dark furniture and less natural light, my home would not be an ideal candidate for an in-home newborn session. The end result would be fairly dim.

On the other hand, if you have a home with mostly lighter, neutral colors, your home might be a great candidate for lifestyle newborn photography!


First and foremost, if you worked hard on a nursery, you’ll want to show it off! My husband always jokes that I set up a nursery just for the pictures, but it’s secretly true! I LOVE portraits in nurseries and cribs!

Most in-home lifestyle sessions are primarily done in your master bedroom and the nursery, but sometimes we also sneak into your living room! Before you choose a lifestyle session, you’ll want to consider what is actually in those rooms because it will make its way into your portraits! In my case, I have two boys aged three and under that are messy with a capital M. It will be easier for us to pack up and go to a studio than to try to clear the clutter of boys and their toy trains from every corner in my home! I mean, how is it possible that I find more toy cars under the couch cushions than in the car case?

Houston Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerHouston Newborn PhotographerHouston Baby PhotographerHouston Lifestyle Newborn PhotographyHouston Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Houston Newborn Photographer Houston Baby Photographer Houston Newborn PhotographyHouston Newborn PhotographerHouston Newborn Photographer


Whatever it is that is easiest for you, is going to be the best decision for your family! I’m here to support that choice and make the magic happen behind the scenes! If you have any questions about lifestyle newborn sessions, let’s chat! Get in touch with me here!

*The dress shown here was borrowed from the studio wardrobe.





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Introducing the Wrapped Newborn Mini Session

Introducing the Wrapped Newborn Mini Session

The Woodlands Newborn Photography

Mini-sessions are so popular right now in The Woodlands newborn photography!  I am introducing two brand new sessions to help you find an option that is just right for your family! If you are looking for a session that features timeless portraits of your baby only, the wrapped newborn mini session is for you!  You can also read more about the Family Newborn Mini Session here!

What is a Wrapped Newborn Mini Session?

This simply means that your baby will be wrapped for the entire session.  I wrap all of my newborns in a way that makes them feel as secure as they were in the womb! This a very soothing technique that many babies love! Before your wrapped newborn session, you will be able to choose between 3 floor props OR 2 floor props and 1 flokati. Each time we switch to a new prop, we will also switch the wrap or wrap technique. I want your gallery to be full of beautiful newborn portraits with plenty of variety.

All mini sessions will feature soft neutral colors paired with some gender or seasonal flair.

How is this different from your Signature Newborn Session?

My signature newborn session is an all inclusive package. Signature newborn sessions include lifestyle family and parent portraits, siblings, floor props, flokati, and bean bag poses. My studio wardrobe, newborn clothing, and all props are part of the signature package. In addition, moms will be provided with a style guide and and list of recommended hair and make-up artists to complete your session!

What is Included in a Wrapped Newborn Mini Session?

-1 hour session in my studio

-3 Set-ups featuring organic and neutral props

-10 edited high resolution digital images

-All props (headbands, hats, buckets, bowls, wraps, and furs)

-Family/sibling portraits available to add on

What does a Wrapped Newborn Mini Session look like?

The Woodlands Newborn Photography

The Woodlands Newborn PhotographyWrapped Newborn Mini SessionThe Woodlands Newborn PhotographyThe Woodlands Newborn PhotographyThe Woodlands Newborn PhotographyThe Woodlands Newborn Photography

Wrapped Newborn Mini SessionReady to book your session? Head over to my contact page and send me an email! Need more details or pricing information? Head over to my newborn page for all the details!

Aimee Hamilton Photography specializes in The Woodlands newborn photography. Aimee is a North Houston area newborn photographer with a studio in Magnolia, TX. AHP offers Fresh 48s, Lifestyle, and studio newborn sessions!  Get in touch with me to chat about your next sessions! I’m always happy to answer any questions that you may have!



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Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital Fresh 48

Fresh 48 Session at Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital

If you have ever walked into the labor & delivery or postpartum wing at Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital, you know that it is brand new and absolutely stunning! When you first come up the elevator, you arrive at the waiting room with comfortable chairs, televisions, and even coffee! Most of them time, you will also be greeted by the chatter of families and grandparents awaiting the arrival of their newest addition!

One of my favorite qualities of Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital, is that each patient room has been blessed with beautiful windows providing dreamy morning light! In fact, if I’m being totally honest with you, I told my husband that this hospital had my first vote for delivering our next baby! (Photographer problems y’all! Always looking for light!) The windows in these rooms cover almost an entire wall, providing families with plenty of natural light and photographic opportunities. I love to have my families sit with their backs to the window so that we can catch that beautiful window light!

Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital

Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions

Fresh 48, or Just Born sessions, are at the top of my list for favorite sessions to photograph! If you look up at this family portrait above, you can see why! Fresh love is just the sweetest love that there is! This Dad was too busy staring at his gorgeous new baby to smile for me and that’s totally okay with me. In fact, I love that they will have this exact moment in their memories forever! These types of sessions showcase your new family and new baby in such a unique way! In most cases, you will only be in the hospital for a short time.  My job is to help you remember what those days were like! I don’t know about you, but those first days were one big blur! Everything happened so quickly, yet no one was sleeping a wink!

A Boy Mama X2

Let me introduce you this new family! When I arrived, big brother was on his way to the hospital with Gigi. I was able to spend a few minutes photographing baby Ford before the party officially arrived!  Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital

Houston Fresh 48Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital

Houston Fresh 48

The Woodlands Fresh 48The Woodlands Fresh 48The Woodlands Fresh 48Houston Fresh 48 PhotographerThe Woodlands Methodist Hospital

Not even the windows in this hospital can top this last image! I have officially added a Polaroid camera to the list of things to pack in my hospital bag! How cute is this little guy taking pictures? The best part was when he started copying the things I had asked them to do or say. I may be out of job soon y’all!

Houston Fresh 48 Photographer

Thank you so much to the Smart family for allowing me to meet your sweet family and capture these memories for you! It’s an honor to be invited to photograph your family and new baby!

Aimee Hamilton is a newborn and family photographer serving Houston, The Woodlands, Montgomery, Magnolia and surrounding areas. AHP offers fresh 48 sessions at all Houston area birth centers and hospitals! For more details about Fresh 48 and newborn sessions, head over to here! If you have questions or would like to schedule a call to discuss the newborn sessions I offer, head over here to get in touch with me! I look forward to getting to know you and your family!


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Poop, Spit up, and Tantrums: Woodlands Area Newborn Photographer

Poop, Spit up, and Tantrums: Why I Do What I Do!

Woodlands Area Photographer

Poop, spit-up, and toddler tantrums. It sounds like a glamorous job, doesn’t it? Naked newborn babies tend to be messy, and toddlers, well, they run the show! I almost never leave a session as clean as when I started! It was left out of that title, but I actually think cake smashes are my messiest sessions! I’ve never left one without cake on me somewhere! So, why in the world would I volunteer for that!?

In all honesty, it may be a *little* messy or chaotic sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade my job for anything in the world! You see, I have two little boys at home with me. They are 3 and 18 months. They, along with their sister arriving in December, and their Daddy, are my whole world. If I wanted to end this post here, I would simply say, they are are the reason I do what I do. It’s more than that, but it definitely started as a love affair with pictures of them!

When my boys were born, I wanted nothing more than to have pictures of every single milestone. I wanted to document everything so I wouldn’t forget a thing! With my first baby, we had professional pictures done every 3 months. By the time number two came along, I already had my own camera and could shoot all of his milestones myself. However, I still needed a newborn and family photographer, because I need to be in the photos, too! I want my boys to have tangible memories of their childhood and their parents! Have you seen the movie, Coco? That entire family had never seen what Coco’s father looked like! If you only have one family photo, you could be Hector! Don’t be like Hector!

I have chosen to specialize in newborn and young family photography because these are the days go by too quickly. It is also my favorite stage of motherhood. I am right here in the trenches with you. Our baby girl is due this December and I have also chosen a photographer to trust with our most precious images. Babies change so much in those first days and weeks. We can never go back to those days which makes those portraits some of my most cherished.

At the end of the day, I’ve probably been pooped on, spit up on, or witnessed an upset toddler, whether I’m working or at home with my boys! It’s literally my full time, 24-7 job and there’s nothing I’d rather do! My three year old pooped on his newborn photographer worse than any of my client’s babies. (I should be knocking on wood right now, I’m sure…) That same three year old is the KING of tantrums and throwing himself down in the most random of places. A toddler can be unhappy at any time, but that’s why I try to make family portraits FUN for everyone!  It’s all worth it when I have happy clients with a house full of images that will be cherished forever. THAT is why I do what I do! These moments are treasures!

Woodlands area newborn photographer

Aimee Hamilton is a Woodlands Area Newborn Photographer who offers studio, lifestyle and fresh 48 newborn portraits. To book your newborn or family session, get in touch, here!


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A Beautiful Girl- Montgomery TX Newborn Photographer

A Beautiful Girl

Montgomery TX Newborn Photographer

Lifestyle newborn sessions are truly such a beautiful way to celebrate bringing home your new baby. There’s nothing better than being in your own home and nursery! I love being a Montgomery TX newborn photographer so that I can showcase all that fresh love for you. First babies are

“If I am thinking correctly,” said Pooh, “a new baby is probably, undoubtedly the grandest gift that could ever be.”

When I see parents with their first baby, I’m so easily reminded of the joys of becoming a parent! Those first days days, weeks, and months are so much fun! They say that moms glow when they are pregnant, but I think the real magic happens when they meet that sweet baby for the first time! Nothing beats the joy of becoming a mom/dad!

Montgomery TX newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn Photographer

The Nursery

Montgomery TX Newborn Photographer

When booking a lifestyle session, it’s a good idea to think about the light  and decor in your home. Do you have large windows? Does your home get a lot of natural light?  Did you decorate a nursery? Do you love your home decor? If you can answer yes to those questions, then a lifestyle session is perfect for you! The details of your nursery may not always be the same, but if we capture that now, you’ll hav the memories forever!

Montgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn Photographer

Montgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn Photographer


Aimee Hamilton is a Montgomery TX newborn photographer specializing in all genres of newborn portraiture. AHP offers lifestyle, studio, and fresh 48 sessions in The Woodlands, Montgomery, Magnolia, Conroe, and Tomball. The AHP studio is location in Magnolia, TX.


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Twins in the Studio- Woodlands Twin Newborn Photographer

Twins in the Studio

The Woodlands Twin Newborn Photographer

This summer has truly been the summer of twins! I have absolutely loved every opportunity to photograph such a beautiful blessing! It really is double the fun and double the love! My most recent session was a family with two sweet baby boys and an almost 3 year old brother!

While the little brothers were having a little breakfast, big brother started us off with a little fun! 😉

Woodlands Twin Newborn Photographer

The Family Portraits

The Woodlands Twin Newborn Photographer

Family portraits during a newborn session are always some of my favorites. It is something that I look foward to even in my own newborn portraits because I know how much I love that “first family of 5” image! It’s just one of those portraits that I think everyone should have!

Woodlands Twin Newborn PhotographerWoodlands Twin Newborn PhotographerWoodlands Twin Newborn PhotographerWoodlands Twin Newborn Photographer

The Babies

The Woodlands Newborn Twin Photographer

Signature studio newborn sessions always include both family and individual portraits. In the case of twins, I try to balance putting the babies together as well as giving them individual portraits! These guys rocked their sweet poses! Just look at those adorable toes!

The Woodlands Newborn Twin PhotographerWoodlands Twin Newborn PhotographerThe Woodlands Twin Newborn PhotographerWoodlands Twin Newborn Photographer

Aimee Hamilton specializes in capturing the fleeting newborn phase of childhood. Aimee is a Woodlands twin newborn photographer serving all of the surrounding areas like Magnolia, Conroe, Montgomery, and Tomball. The studio is located just north of The Woodlands in Magnolia, TX. To book your newborn session, get in touch here!


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What’s new?: Newborn Photographer Magnolia, TX

What’s New?

Newborn Photographer Magnolia, TX

Hi y’all! If you’re new here, I’m Aimee, the girl behind the camera at AHP! I am a family photographer specializing in all things newborn! I absolutely adore fresh love in the hospital, lifestyle sessions in your own home, and of course the fabulous studio poses!

New Studio Updates

Newborn Photographer Magnolia, TX

In just two short months I will be opening a brand new studio for newborns, older babies (able to sit on their own) & toddlers, and cake smashes! There will be some other fun things along the way like Christmas PJ minis! The studio will be located just north of Houston and the The Woodlands in Magnolia, TX. If you are familiar with the The Farmer’s Market on Tamina, you know exactly where I will be!

In preparation for the new studio, I bought one new item that is really going to make a shift in my studio family work! You see, in my regular family work, I give my clients prompts, but the look is very candid! My studio work was much more posed, which I didn’t love. It’s just too hard for toddlers with new babies to pose! Would you believe that the solution is simply a bench?! You have to see it for yourself to believe it! 

Newborn Photographer Magnolia, TX

Newborn Photographer Magnolia, TXNewborn Photographer Magnolia, TX


Newborn Photographer Magnolia, TX

Newborn Photographer Magnolia, TX

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Newborn Sessions at Home: Magnolia Newborn Photographer

Newborn Sessions at Home:

Magnolia Newborn Photographer

Newborn sessions at home are such a popular trend right now! If you have friends with new babies, I’m sure you’ve seen the sweet new family on the master bed, in the baby’s nursery, and everywhere in between! I just love how comfortable it is to have your newborn session in your own home! After all, you just had a baby and rest is on the doctor’s orders! On the other hand, maybe you don’t want to have to pick up the house. If you fall in that category, you might prefer a studio session! (Which…*maybe* I’ve chosen to do for #3! Ha!) Whatever you decide you want to do, you can’t go wrong with documenting your fresh new babe!

In the meantime, let me share this precious session with you! This sweet family chose to bundle a lifestyle and studio session together for the best of both worlds. We started with a session in their home and then moved the fun to my studio the next morning!

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions:

Magnolia Newborn Photographer

For those of you with more than one kiddo, let me take you back down memory lane for a minute! What do you remember about bring home your first baby? If you’re anything like I was, you remember a little chaos, a little clueless feeling, but a whole lot of love for your new baby. I spent my days holding, snuggling, and staring at that new baby. This session totally brought back all of those happy memories.

Magnolia Newborn PhotographerMagnolia Newborn PhotographerMagnolia Newborn PhotographerMagnolia Newborn PhotographerMagnolia Newborn PhotographerMagnolia Newborn PhotographerMagnolia Newborn PhotographerMagnolia Newborn PhotographerMagnolia Newborn Photographer

Studio Newborn Sessions

Magnolia Newborn Photographer

These last few pictures are from their studio portion. Isn’t she just beautiful? You’ll notice that these are very monochromatic. I just love the simplicity so that the focus remains on the beauty of the baby! Magnolia Newborn Photographer

Magnolia Newborn Photographer

Magnolia newborn photographer

Aimee Hamilton Photography is a Magnolia Newborn Photographer specializing in all styles of newborn portraits from the newbies in the hospital, to poses in my studio. I offer it all! I have a brand new studio opening September 2018 for newborns, sitter (6-9 month sessions), and cake smashes!  Christmas PJ minis will also available this year! Be on the lookout for that announcement soon!



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Toddlers and Twins- The Woodlands Fresh 48

Toddlers and Twins

The Woodlands Fresh 48 (Just Born Session)

May has been the month of twins here in The Woodlands! I have three sets of twins on my schedule for this month which is very unusual! I can’t wait to show you all of the cuteness that is coming your way!

These sweet girls were born at the Houston Methodist- The Woodlands Hospital. I love my Fresh 48s at the Methodist hospital  because the windows are huge! They really light up the room ad give my clients a bright and airy look! Fresh 48 portraits can really vary in their appearance based on the available light in your hospital room.

Becoming a sibling can sometimes to be hard for toddlers. They are suddenly not the baby anymore, and mama is holding this bundle of blankets a LOT. What in the world is happening? Sometimes, when I arrive, the older siblings are still getting used to the idea of having a new baby. Other times, they are meeting the baby(ies) for the first time and completely smitten! Either way, I come prepared with tricks up my sleeve to help you and your toddler engage with the new baby!

Woodlands Fresh 48

Joy and love shine in your Woodlands Fresh 48 session. There is nothing like welcoming a new baby into the world! I just love capturing that for families to treasure forever. Albums and mini-books are one of my favorite ways to display those memories!

Woodlands Fresh 48Woodlands Fresh 48Woodlands Fresh 48Woodlands Fresh 48Woodlands Fresh 48If you are expecting, I would love to meet you and your new love! Connect with me here and let’s chat!

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Introducing Studio Cake Smashes– Montgomery, TX Cake Smash Photographer

Introducing Studio Cake Smashes!

Montgomery, TX Cake Smash Photographer

This sweet girl is bringing you a big announcement today!

AHP is now offering studio sessions for cake smashes and sitters(6-11 months). These are great add-ons to your newborn packages, but they can also be booked as a stand alone session. The big news with these is that I am providing  everything you need for a simple, organic look just like this one, including the outfit and bows! My goal is to provide you and your little one with a cake smash session that is both simple and timeless.

The Client Closet

Montgomery, TX Cake Smash Photographer

I am so excited to provide my youngest clients with a wardrobe all their own. If you have booked a newborn session with me, you know that everything you need is provided for you! Now, the same is true of your cake smash! I have been collecting Rompers from Joy Marie Clothing and will continue to add more to the collection as the year goes on.

By the way, I WON a raffle from her this morning! What color should we add? I’m thinking maybe a blue or gray!

Montgomery, TX Cake Smash Photographer

Montgomery, TX Cake Smash PhotographerMontgomery, TX Cake Smash PhotographerMontgomery, TX Cake Smash PhotographerMontgomery, TX Cake Smash Photographer

April Special! 

Interested in booking a sitter or cake smash session? I am offering an introductory price of $225 for all MAY, JUNE,  and JULY studio cake smash and sitter sessions booked in April 2018. (Offer ends April 31, 2018.)

Sitter sessions are best for babies who have mastered sitting up but aren’t crawling yet. A cake smash is best for a baby that is 10-11 months old with a birthday coming up! We will talk about your vision and plan your session when you book!

Aimee Hamilton is a Montgomery, TX cake smash photographer serving all surrounding areas. The Montgomery, TX studio is actually closer to Magnolia, TX and Conroe, TX. It sits perfectly in between the two small towns.


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