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Baby Robert | Fresh 48 Photographer in Houston

You guys. There is just nothing I love more than greeting you at the hospital with your new baby! Seriously, I became a fresh 48 photographer in Houston because I was THAT in love with my own babies’ hospital portraits! That first family portrait is gold to a new mama! I only know that because I’ve been there– three times now!  Let’s be real– the hospital days are a complete blur. Everything goes so fast and no one really knows what the heck is going on! Then one day, you look back and your baby is turning one and you have no idea where the time went! That’s why I love fresh 48 portraits so much! They are the best to bring out and reminisce on how truly tiny your baby was!

Fresh 48 Photography in Houston

Fresh 48 Photography in HoustonFresh 48 Photography in HoustonFresh 48 Photography in Houston

Fresh 48 Session at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women

There is only one thing that is better than the first family portrait– the sibling interactions! (Now, let’s be clear, those are usually coerced with cookies, fruit snacks, and smarties, but the results are MAGICAL!) Like most of my clients, when my second was born, there was nothing on this earth that I looked forward to more than those first sibling moments.  It always makes my heart happy when I get to deliver the things that I know mama wanted most! This sweet family has some of the sweetest *and* funniest moments! Their gallery is so diverse, that I had to share!

Fresh 48 Photography in HoustonFresh 48 Photography in HoustonFresh 48 Photography in HoustonFresh 48 Photography in HoustonFresh 48 Photography in Houston

Fresh 48 Photography in Houston
Fresh 48 Photography in Houston

Fresh 48 Photographer in Houston

How to display your portraits

After each session, all of my clients have the ability to order their favorite images in product form as well as digital artwork. I offer albums, framed prints, and canvas so you may enjoy your portraits in your homes! The great thing about albums is that when you order one, you can have the “grandparent” album ordered for 1/4 the price of the original! Isn’t that just the perfect Christmas gift?

Portrait sessions with Aimee Hamilton Photography

I specialize in newborn photography in the Houston and surrounding areas. I am a fresh 48 photographer in Houston, but I also provide in-home and studio newborn sessions. My studio is located just north of The Woodlands on FM 1488. It is the perfect spot for newborn photography, milestone portraits, and cake smashes! If you’d like to see more of my Fresh 48 work, click here to see a session from Houston Methodist The Woodlands. I would love to chat with you more about your portrait needs! You can look into investment details here or get in touch with me here! Talk to you soon!

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Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital Fresh 48

Fresh 48 Session at Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital

If you have ever walked into the labor & delivery or postpartum wing at Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital, you know that it is brand new and absolutely stunning! When you first come up the elevator, you arrive at the waiting room with comfortable chairs, televisions, and even coffee! Most of them time, you will also be greeted by the chatter of families and grandparents awaiting the arrival of their newest addition!

One of my favorite qualities of Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital, is that each patient room has been blessed with beautiful windows providing dreamy morning light! In fact, if I’m being totally honest with you, I told my husband that this hospital had my first vote for delivering our next baby! (Photographer problems y’all! Always looking for light!) The windows in these rooms cover almost an entire wall, providing families with plenty of natural light and photographic opportunities. I love to have my families sit with their backs to the window so that we can catch that beautiful window light!

Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital

Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions

Fresh 48, or Just Born sessions, are at the top of my list for favorite sessions to photograph! If you look up at this family portrait above, you can see why! Fresh love is just the sweetest love that there is! This Dad was too busy staring at his gorgeous new baby to smile for me and that’s totally okay with me. In fact, I love that they will have this exact moment in their memories forever! These types of sessions showcase your new family and new baby in such a unique way! In most cases, you will only be in the hospital for a short time.  My job is to help you remember what those days were like! I don’t know about you, but those first days were one big blur! Everything happened so quickly, yet no one was sleeping a wink!

A Boy Mama X2

Let me introduce you this new family! When I arrived, big brother was on his way to the hospital with Gigi. I was able to spend a few minutes photographing baby Ford before the party officially arrived!  Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital

Houston Fresh 48Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital

Houston Fresh 48

The Woodlands Fresh 48The Woodlands Fresh 48The Woodlands Fresh 48Houston Fresh 48 PhotographerThe Woodlands Methodist Hospital

Not even the windows in this hospital can top this last image! I have officially added a Polaroid camera to the list of things to pack in my hospital bag! How cute is this little guy taking pictures? The best part was when he started copying the things I had asked them to do or say. I may be out of job soon y’all!

Houston Fresh 48 Photographer

Thank you so much to the Smart family for allowing me to meet your sweet family and capture these memories for you! It’s an honor to be invited to photograph your family and new baby!

Aimee Hamilton is a newborn and family photographer serving Houston, The Woodlands, Montgomery, Magnolia and surrounding areas. AHP offers fresh 48 sessions at all Houston area birth centers and hospitals! For more details about Fresh 48 and newborn sessions, head over to here! If you have questions or would like to schedule a call to discuss the newborn sessions I offer, head over here to get in touch with me! I look forward to getting to know you and your family!


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Toddlers and Twins- The Woodlands Fresh 48

Toddlers and Twins

The Woodlands Fresh 48 (Just Born Session)

May has been the month of twins here in The Woodlands! I have three sets of twins on my schedule for this month which is very unusual! I can’t wait to show you all of the cuteness that is coming your way!

These sweet girls were born at the Houston Methodist- The Woodlands Hospital. I love my Fresh 48s at the Methodist hospital  because the windows are huge! They really light up the room ad give my clients a bright and airy look! Fresh 48 portraits can really vary in their appearance based on the available light in your hospital room.

Becoming a sibling can sometimes to be hard for toddlers. They are suddenly not the baby anymore, and mama is holding this bundle of blankets a LOT. What in the world is happening? Sometimes, when I arrive, the older siblings are still getting used to the idea of having a new baby. Other times, they are meeting the baby(ies) for the first time and completely smitten! Either way, I come prepared with tricks up my sleeve to help you and your toddler engage with the new baby!

Woodlands Fresh 48

Joy and love shine in your Woodlands Fresh 48 session. There is nothing like welcoming a new baby into the world! I just love capturing that for families to treasure forever. Albums and mini-books are one of my favorite ways to display those memories!

Woodlands Fresh 48Woodlands Fresh 48Woodlands Fresh 48Woodlands Fresh 48Woodlands Fresh 48If you are expecting, I would love to meet you and your new love! Connect with me here and let’s chat!

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Newborn Photography Comparison– Conroe Newborn Photographer


A Newborn Photography Comparison

Conroe Newborn Photographer


If you are a new mom looking for a Conroe newborn photographer, you may have noticed that there are different types of photography out there! I happen to be one who loves all of them! When my two boys were born, I really wanted everything! I love the magic of birth, the joy new life in the hospital, that first family portrait, and of course those beautiful newborn poses! It is important to me to be that photographer to my clients! Let me show you what the different styles look like with AHP!

Birth Photography

Conroe Newborn PhotographerConroe Newborn Photographer

Birth photography is such a beautiful thing! These sessions are all about the journey to meet your new little love. Birth photography is very documentary in nature. I’m there to document your birth story so that you will have the memories forever. Some of my favorite photographs from births are the reactions of moms meeting their new baby! Birth images are delivered in a slide show of all your favorite photos!

Fresh 48 (Hospital Portraits)

Conroe Newborn Photographer

Conroe Newborn Photographer


Hospital days seem long and tiresome, but boy do they go quickly! These sessions are all about photographing you in the hospital as a new family! Like birth, these sessions are usually a little more documentary in nature than my in-home lifestyle sessions. Read more about Fresh 48s on my blog here!

The Essentials

Conroe Newborn Photographer

I saved your favorite two for last because they are the essential sessions. These are the sessions that you see most often and are the most requested! Most of my clients combine these two sessions, but they may also be booked individually if one fits your family more than the other!

Lifestyle Newborn Portraits

Conroe Newborn PhotographerConroe Newborn PhotographerConroe Newborn photographer

Lifestyle newborn portraits are in-home sessions. These are just like family sessions, but they focus a little more on your sweet baby. Lifestyle sessions include the whole family as well as sibling portraits and the baby alone. I like to use your master bedroom, living areas, and the nursery if you have one. Lifestyle sessions do not include the newborn poses that you see below in the studio portion. Lifestyle newborn images are typically on your bed, their crib, or their rocker. For more examples, see this post

Curious what to wear to your lifestyle newborn session? Read more here!

Studio Newborn Portraits

Conroe Newborn Photographer

Studio newborn sessions are all about your new baby and their gorgeous features! I start each session with prop poses like buckets and boxes. Then we move to the bean bag for blanket poses seen above. These sessions also include the whole family! The family portraits are more posed portraits than what you will see in my lifestyle sessions.  Each session takes place in my studio in Montgomery, TX. For more about studio sessions, follow this link!

I hope that this comparison helps you to see the full range of newborn photography offered by AHP! Contact me here to schedule your newborn session today!

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4 Tips to Make your Fresh 48 Swoon Worthy-The Woodlands Hospital Newborn Photography

4 Tips to Make your Fresh 48 Swoon Worthy-

The Woodlands Hospital Newborn Photography

1. Let the session be more documentary in nature. 

You just had a baby. You’re SO in love! I want to focus on that! This is the type of session that should be a little more raw and tender. I want to photograph who you really are, to help you remember this time. Your baby (and family) will be changing so quickly that it all becomes a blur! I’m there to capture you in the moment.  Fresh 48 Sessions are perfect for introducing siblings and capturing details of your beautiful new baby!  The moments following are all unscripted, unposed, and raw.

2. Wear something that you are comfortable in! 

I already said it once, but you just had a baby! This is not a perfect hair and make-up kind of photoshoot. Find something comfortable that you love and rock the mom bun! You know want to! One of my favorite places for buying clothing for the hospital is Nordstrom. You will find beautiful robes to throw on over your PJs!

 3. Set your expectations low for siblings. 

When you scroll through Facebook, you will find one million and one sibling portraits. The siblings are usually smiling and kissing their new baby, right? I’m here to tell you, that is NOT always the case. And in many cases, its just not the case at all! My own darling boy was my first experience with a sibling not falling madly in love with a new baby. It broke my mama heart! I know it’s tough! However, the more pressure we put on them, the harder it becomes for them. I have tricks up my sleeve to help siblings engage with the new baby naturally, but sometimes, we have to be realistic and know their world has just dramatically changed. I find it to be most questionable with siblings under 2. Whatever happens, is still beautiful because it is part of your story!

4. Have fun with Swaddles and Accessories!

First and foremost, this is a hospital session. I believe its important to see the hospital t-shirt and blanket that is standard of all new babies. It’s like a right of passage and what you think of first when you look back on your time in the hospital. We will start every session with the hospital t-shirt and blanket, but you’re welcome to mix it up at the end! These newbies are usually not a fan of changing swaddles or clothes and one change is typically their max.

Check out The Beaufort Bonnet Company & The Posh Peanut for cute accessories! Both of these shops have super cute swaddles for your hospital photoshoot!  I’m a girl who loves a good neutral, but for my girls, I can’t resist florals! I do encourage you to choose swaddles versus an outfit because most newbies just don’t like to be unwrapped!

The Woodlands  Hospital photographyThe Woodlands Hospital PhotographyThe Woodlands Fresh 48The Woodlands Fresh 48The Woodlands Fresh 48The Woodlands Fresh 48

Bonus time! 

I thought I’d throw in a little bonus for you guys! I’ve told this story on my blog before, but its worth telling again for anyone new! My oldest was born on a Saturday morning in May, which happened to be the morning before Mother’s Day. He spent the first few hours in the NICU and I was a mess. It’s hard to see your baby in the NICU! That also meant that my photographer wasn’t able to make it, because I absolutely wasn’t asking her to spend her Mother’s Day in the hospital with us. Do you know what she did? She came. She also took my favorite pictures ever that day! These are some of my MOST treasured photographs! Chani, you are still my hero! Thank you, thank you!

The Woodlands Hospital Newborn Photography is one of my favorite sessions to shoot! I am available for all hospitals in The Woodlands, TX as well as Conroe, Tomball, Cypress, and Katy. Get in touch with me here for your Fresh 48 or newborn session! If you are having a home birth or birth center birth, a Fresh 48 can still be for you!

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Birth Photography The Woodlands, TX

A Birth Story

Birth Photography The Woodlands


If you’ve worked with me before, you’ve probably heard me say what an honor it is to be chosen to photograph your family. It’s so true! I feel so blessed every time I put another family in front of my lens whether its for a family session or celebrating a new baby with an in-home session.

This time, I was invited to share in another family’s most joyous moment– the birth of their baby. Even more exciting, the family was waiting for delivery day to find out the gender! To a photographer, capturing that moment is a dream!  Being there to capture one of life’s greatest blessings for this family was truly a privilege that I am excited to share!

A Sunday Afternoon

On Sunday afternoon, I was just arriving home from a Fresh 48 shoot when I got a text from Mama H. She was having some contractions, but nothing that seemed serious yet. I went ahead and packed my bag with all of my supplies and put it in the car *just* in case she needed me. The day went on with no progress, but I told my husband that I felt like it was still going to be the day!

At midnight, I put my keys and purse near the door and head off to bed.  At 12:30, the phone rang! I’m not sure that I’ve ever answered the phone that late with such excitement. It was baby time!

Birth Photography The WoodlandsAt the hospital, there was plenty of gender guessing while we waited. Each parent was expecting a different gender, but the Grandma’s were both Team Girl.  The next morning, the family got to surprise the older siblings, too! That reaction was priceless! The rest of the story is too good to share in words, you have to see it yourself!


****Don’t scroll too far or you’ll spoil the surprise!****






And… Her first newborn sneak Peek!

What fun is shooting a birth without newborn photos to follow? This beauty is going to be one well documented sweetie! She’s coming back for their fall family portraits in October!


Birth Photography The Woodlands,

Montgomery, Conroe, Tomball, & Houston, TX

If you are considering birth or newborn photography, I would love to chat. You can get in touch with me here.



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Beautiful Babies: Montgomery, TX Fresh 48

Beautiful Babies: A Montgomery, TX Newborn Fresh 48

From the Beginning!

Flashback to May 2015. My maternity shoot with the fantastic, Chani Gunn ,was cancelled due to a snow storm during spring break in Dallas. We decided that it would be best to switch my session to a Fresh 48. In all honesty, I wasn’t convinced that I would love photographs so soon after birth. The time finally came for Tripp to make his debut. He ended up in the NICU which again stalled our pictures. I was a brand new mom and heartbroken over the NICU stay. Truthfully, I was a hot mess!

As soon as he was released, I called Chani and said we would have to do something different. It was Mother’s Day 2015 and I didn’t want to take her away from her family. When she insisted on coming anyway, I was blown away. I will forever be grateful for her AND those photos that I wasn’t sure about. To this day, they are some of my absolute favorites of Tripp and our new family! She captured our little angel in a way that I will cherish forever!

I encourage all new moms to consider a Fresh 48 session. A brand new baby brings so much joy, love, and life to a room. When you photograph that, you are capturing that moment and bottling it up forever. Just like the intoxicating smell of a new baby, that hospital time goes way too fast! A fresh 48 is meant to document new love with very little guidance from me. I’m there to capture life as it is. I’m looking for mom snuggling her new baby, the first time siblings meet,  a kiss from dad, and all the baby details that we lose too quickly! Tiny toes, fresh umbilical cords, chubby cheeks, and wrinkly hands are all part of the hospital glory!

A Montgomery, TX Fresh 48

We moved to Montgomery in the summer of 2017. I met the most beautiful mama who also happens to be my neighbor! She had two beautiful little girls and one more on the way. I knew I had to had to photograph her family. This family is the type that you want to surround yourself with. They are always kind and gentle with one another. She is just an incredible mama! I am so honored that I was able to give them the gift of newborn memories forever!

This brand new baby girl is surrounded by love! It shines through these photos and will be there for them forever! But, you guys! You have to see it to believe it! Check out all the beauty in this family! Poor dad is going to be in trouble in about 12 years or so!

Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48Montgomery, TX Fresh 48


I am now scheduling your lifestyle, hospital, or studio newborn portraits.  Contact me here!

Sign up for my newsletter here to be the first to hear about mini-sessions or receive photography tips!

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Grand Opening!

It’s happening y’all! A few months ago this was just a distant dream, but today is the day that dreams come true! Aimee Hamilton Photography is now officially open for business and it’s just in time for your fall family photographs! My ultimate goal is to provide every family who books a full session with beautiful heirloom prints to hang on your walls, share with grandparents, and keep for your own grandchildren to see many years from now. Each full package features digitals and prints, with the ability to add custom framing, a gorgeous wrapped canvas, or beautiful albums.

I am so excited to share our Grand Opening plans with you!

  • ONE lucky family will win a 20 minute family mini-session AND a style for mama by my favorite stylist, the amazing Erykca Tinh! (See below for fine print details.)
  • EVERY family that books a family, newborn, or Fresh 48 session in August or September will receive a $50 discount on the package of their choice.

*Enter the give away here! Giveaway will close on Friday July 28th at midnight CST, Winners will be chosen Saturday, July 29th :  *Enter Raffle HERE!*

Feel free to have a look around my brand new website and all that will be offered! Also, make sure you sign up for the newsletter {scroll down!} so that you’ll be the FIRST to hear about Christmas mini-sessions in December! Be sure to check out the details of packages here!

The fine print: The give-away mini-session is 20 minutes long and will be held within 20 minutes of Montgomery, TX.  Mini-session winner will be gifted 8 images with the ability to purchase the full gallery. The mini-session must be scheduled and completed in August 2017. Winner must also sign my portrait contract & model release. No extended families. Styles by Erykca will be in her studio located in Vintage Park. The mama style gift card is not good for a cut or color, ONLY style. Style must take place on the same day as portrait session.

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