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Holly Jolly Christmas | Houston Christmas Mini Photographer

Hello, hello! I have been patiently waiting for this day for far too long! It is an honor to be your Houston Christmas mini photographer. This year, I’m doing it really big with something new and fun! ALL of your Christmas mini-session options are here on this blog post!

The Big Surprise! |Houston Christmas Photographer

I have hinted at this surprise for quite a while and the day is finally here! I really wanted to bring you guys something unique and fun for your Christmas portraits this year! With the help of my friends Cypress Photo Camper and interior designer, Leigh Harkness, I think we nailed it! These Christmas camper minis are going to have a farmhouse Christmas vibe with plenty of charm!

I asked my graphic designers to take Leigh’s design and turn it into a watercolor graphic to give you an idea of what we’re going for! It’s going to be absolutely gorgeous and I can not wait! Yes– I absolutely will be shooting my own family in these, too!

SOLD OUT Christmas Camper Session Details

When: November 10th, 2019

Where: Conroe, TX near FM 1488 & SH 242

What: These are family sessions for up to 6 immediate family members. Each family will have up 10 minutes in front of the camera and receive 8 digital files with the option to purchase more. Christmas Camper Sessions are $400. To book these, you need a $100 retainer and signed session agreement. The remaining balance will be due 1 week prior to the session.

How to Book: Camper Scheduling Link

Houston Christmas Tree Farm Mini Sessions

Houston Christmas Tree Farm Mini Session

When: November 25th (Sold Out) & 27th , 2019

Where: Magnolia, TX near Tomball

What: These Christmas Tree Farm mini sessions are family sessions for up to 6 immediate family members. Each family will have up 10 minutes in front of the camera and receive 8 digital files with the option to purchase more. Christmas Tree Farm Minis are $295 and will be paid in full.

How to Book: Tree Farm Schedule

Houston Christmas tree farm mini session

Santa & PJS | Houston Christmas Mini Photographer

The final two options for Christmas sessions this year are both of my kids only options! PJ minis are so fun for the kiddos and I know they love to let loose a bit for pictures! Santa Claus will also be back in the studio again this year! If you are looking for those sessions, here are the links!

Santa: Simply Santa Details

Pj Minis: Christmas Pj Details

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Baby Hudson | The Woodlands Maternity & Newborn Portraits

Hi y’all! I’m popping in on the blog this morning with the sweetest dual sessions! The Woodlands maternity & newborn portraits are my most popular sessions, but I don’t think I’ve shared enough of those sessions with you! Baby Hudsons’ mama booked her maternity and newborn portraits early this year and then we got to work planning!

The Woodlands Maternity Portraits

All of my sessions include my studio wardrobe, but this maternity session was SO special to me. I shopped for this particular dress for quite a while before I lucked out and found just *one* available at Nordstrom! Shelby came in the studio to try on dresses and I could hardly contain my own excitement when she chose this one! On the day of her winter maternity session, she looked like a princess! I just love how golden this location looks in the winter months!

Double The Do works closely with me and my clients to make them feel beautiful before their session. They definitely outdid themselves with this session!

Maternity Picture at WG Jones Park
The Woodlands Maternity Pictures
The Woodlands maternity & newborn portraits

The Woodlands Newborn Session

Baby Hudson made his debut and he is the CUTEST little thing! (I mean did you see his big brother, Owen?! Those boys are just so precious!) This newborn session was the first time that Double the Do and I worked out a new way to make this process EASY for new mamas. Y’all. It doesn’t get any easier than this! The girls from Double the Do will come to the studio on the morning of the session! That means you don’t have to worry about anything before you leave the house! Pack some diapers and wipes and just head out the door! Seriously– I have everything else you need! (Actually… I even have the diapers and wipes, but I know I was picky about those things as a new mama!)

These beautiful newborn portraits are definitely some that you have to see! I say this about every session, but these are definitely a favorite.

Simple Posed Newborn in all white
Houston Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography Houston
The Woodlands Maternity & Newborn Portraits
The Woodlands Newborn Portraits
Houston Newborn Photography

Interested in booking your own Maternity and Newborn Portrait sessions?

I would be honored to be your motherhood portrait photographer. I love creating beautiful memories for your family that you can hang on your walls or browse in albums for many years! I am currently booking sessions well into 2020! Reach out to me here, I’d love to chat!

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Sterling’s First Birthday | Houston Cake Smash Photographer

I think at every first birthday for my kids I have literally been heartbroken that the baby stage is over. WHY does it have to go so darn quickly?! When this cutie turned one, I couldn’t wait to get him and his precious big brother in the studio for a cake smash! First birthday pictures with this Houston cake smash photographer are just easy going and fun!

First Birthday Pictures- Before the Cake Smash!

I like to start every birthday session with just some simple and clean pictures of the birthday boy. I ask my parents to choose an outfit from my wardrobe and then we get started! It’s just super simple and easy going for the kids. I also have some classic toys to give them to play with during their shoot. Typically, most kids will let us go through about 2 wardrobe changes before we bring out the cake. Lately, I have been photographing the babies in a classic outfit and then just a diaper cover before the smash. Those baby rolls just won’t be there forever and I know you all love them!

My studio wardrobe is included in every session. It features clothing from Jamie Kay, Joy Marie Clothing, She Loves Her Mama, Zara, and more!

The Cake Smash!

What’s a cake smash without the cake, right? A while ago, I spilled my cake smash photography secret and so far its still holding true! Babies know what a high chair is and they go straight for it! It’s even more fun when there are older siblings around to have fun with the cake, too! These simple white cakes must be delicious!

How to Book with the Houston Cake Smash Photographer

Aimee Hamilton is a Houston cake smash photographer with a studio just north of The Woodlands although she does offer both indoor and outdoor cake smashes. I recommend booking your session 6-8 weeks before the date you would like and about a month before the first birthday! For more detailed information, including pricing, click here!

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Baby Weston | Newborn Photography in The Woodlands

It’s not every day that a Dad is the one to call and book newborn photography in The Woodlands, but I can’t tell you how sweet it was to hear this guy talk about his wife and brand new baby. He set everything up for her so that all she had to do was come with this sweet baby boy! Brownie points for him, right? (Now… if my own husband would set up family pictures for us, I would literally pass out.)

“Older” Newborn? No Problem!

Sweet baby Weston was already a week old when his Daddy booked his newborn session so he was a bit “older” than my typical 6-10 day old babies. Anytime I get older babies, I tell moms and dads that some older babies do great and some just aren’t into the naked poses, but I always try. Weston was a champ! When he got here, his mama gave him a nice fully tummy and then he slept for the rest of the session! Every now and then, he’d give me a little smile to say he was on to my tricks! Isn’t he just the cutest?

When Grandparents Are in Town to Help…

Y’all, I can’t resist throwing grandparents into a shot or two when they come with you to help! They’re never prepared for it, which is probably my favorite part, but oh my gosh, I LOVE it! I get a lot of Grandmas who come with their daughters for support, but oftentimes Grandpa isn’t present. This time. Grandma and Grandpa came to help out! He was the proudest grandpa I’ve ever seen! He took just as many pictures as I did!

Want to Book Your Own Session?

The best time to book studio newborn photography in The Woodlands is right around the second trimester. It’s the best way to ensure availability on my calendar. If you are expecting a fall baby, it is especially important to book early as that is a very busy time! For detailed information, including investment information, click here!

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Houston Newborn Photography | A big surprise!

Sometime in March, I received a phone call from someone who had just seen Skye’s maternity session and loved it! It turns out that she was interested in Houston newborn photography because she was planning on gifting a maternity and newborn session to her daughter! Let me tell you, it is SO fun to be part of a surprise like that! The new grandma was going to surprise daughter with the gift at her baby shower. Isn’t that just the sweetest gift? Start dropping hints ladies! I can keep a secret. Ha!

The Maternity Session

Krissa’s maternity session was just beautiful. We went to one of my favorite locations in Montgomery, TX, which is Fernland! It is a historical park with several old homes. My favorite spot is the beautiful White House at the front of the park!

The Newborn Session- Houston Newborn Photography

Baby Hartley’s newborn session came and I was so excited to meet this princess! I had already seen pictures and let me tell you– she is her mama’s twin!

Before I share these, I want you to know that I am not in the business of making babies cry. In fact, I go out of my way to soothe babies and make sure they are comfortable, full, and happy! That said, Hartley was not a fan of being put down at all. I wrapped her up, had her nice and happy, but within 10 seconds of me shooting, she would make this adorable little fuss face. Needless to say, her individual shots were super duper fast because I knew that I only had seconds! I did manage to catch just one fuss face and I just think it’s the cutest thing ever! Sometimes, you just have to remember who they really are! And Miss Hartley? Well, she likes to be snuggled! How dare you put her down!

Secretly, I think I love her little fuss face because I have had three “don’t you dare put me down” babies! That just means they’re extra snuggly! I think about those first few weeks when all you can do is snuggle, feed, and sleep and think how lucky we are to be blessed with such a sweet task!

Newborn baby girl wrapped in all white
Newborn Baby Girl Wrapped in All white
New family in North Houston Newborn photography studio
New Family Poses in North Houston newborn photography studio
Mama kisses her new baby girl wearing all white in north houston newborn photography studio
Close up of baby toes snuggled with mama
Close up image of newborn baby hair in Houston newborn photography studio
New mom wearing white Fillyboo dress snuggles a sleeping new baby in Houston newborn photography studio

Mama’s Fillyboo Wonder Years dress is part of the client wardrobe available to all clients!

North Houston Newborn Photography

I am a North Houston newborn photographer specializing in motherhood. What does that mean? Simply put, it just means that I capture the early years from belly and beyond! Maternity sessions, newborns, baby sessions, cake smashes, and young families are the perfect fit for me! I also offer speciality sessions like a milk bath, in unique locations!

For more details about a newborn session in Houston, follow this link!

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Studio Newborn FAQs

Mamas, let’s talk about studio newborn sessions! Studio newborn sessions are my most popular sessions! For pricing information and details on what your session includes, head over to my newborn page!

Posed newborn boy with head on chin

I’m due in October! How do I schedule a session if we don’t know when the baby will arrive?

This is the question most moms ask! Instead of scheduling a specific date, I will simply write your due date on my calendar. I reserve a set number of due dates each month. We won’t actually schedule your session until the baby arrives! Once baby is here, we will get you scheduled as soon as possible!

How old should my baby be for a studio newborn session?

I prefer to photograph my newborns in the studio around 6-12 days old. I have found that to be the best age for getting the perfect sleepy poses!

Can I bring siblings to the studio after the baby is finished instead of coming together?

Yes! I actually encourage moms to bring the baby to the studio first. Then, dads can come with the younger siblings! This way we get the baby done quickly and can get started on the family portion with no wait time for little ones!

What should I bring?

I supply everything we need for your newborn session! All bows, props, furs, and swaddles are included! The only thing you should bring is what you normally carry in your diaper bag like diapers, a spare blanket, and a pacifier if you’re using one!

For moms, if you are trying on my dresses, a nude fitted slip is a good idea! I do have a few gorgeous lace dresses that need them!

What should we wear?

Moms, I encourage you to choose something to wear from my studio wardrobe! I have a gorgeous collection of studio dresses that are the perfect colors, texture, and length for your session. Each dress was chosen because it is both flattering and will photograph beautifully! You’re welcome to set up an appointment before your session to try on the dresses!

Wrapped newborn holding a teddy
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And Baby Makes Four- Newborn Studio in The Woodlands

I want you guys to meet this little guy with the cutest cheeks I’ve ever seen! This sweet mama met me at my newborn studio in The Woodlands early one morning for their newborn session. We started the morning with a little pampering from my friend Amy, who is a local hair and make-up artist! {I’m going to insert my own mama/photographer “wisdom” here. Y’all. I’m now a mom of three and I completely believe in doing whatever you can to make things easier! Definitely hire help! You deserve it and you’ll feel AMAZING for your session!} While Amy was working with Mama, baby J and I got started on the bean bag! (In case you’re wondering, most of my posing happens on a cozy bean bag made for newborn photographers!)

Newborn boy posed and curly
Newborn boy posed on his belly

By the time I was finished posing, and mama was finished getting ready, Daddy and big sister had arrived for the family session! For this session, mama brought her own gorgeous Free People dress that I’m still so in love with!

Family sits holding new baby boy
Big Sister plays near newborn brother
Big Sister kisses baby brother
New mom snuggles baby boy

Are you ready for a little secret? Most of the time when you see my sibling images, there was a bribe involved. If I had to throw out a percentage it would be something like, oh, I don’t know, 99.9%. So mamas, bring a snack, bring candy, bring a toy! Whatever it takes, we’ll make it happen! 🙂

Newborn sessions have my whole heart! They’re my speciality because this phase of my life is absolutely my favorite! I’d love to chat with you about booking your session at my newborn studio in The Woodlands! Head over to my contact page to send me a message! I’m booking in to the summer months for newborns!

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A Beautiful Girl- Montgomery TX Newborn Photographer

A Beautiful Girl

Montgomery TX Newborn Photographer

Lifestyle newborn sessions are truly such a beautiful way to celebrate bringing home your new baby. There’s nothing better than being in your own home and nursery! I love being a Montgomery TX newborn photographer so that I can showcase all that fresh love for you. First babies are

“If I am thinking correctly,” said Pooh, “a new baby is probably, undoubtedly the grandest gift that could ever be.”

When I see parents with their first baby, I’m so easily reminded of the joys of becoming a parent! Those first days days, weeks, and months are so much fun! They say that moms glow when they are pregnant, but I think the real magic happens when they meet that sweet baby for the first time! Nothing beats the joy of becoming a mom/dad!

Montgomery TX newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn Photographer

The Nursery

Montgomery TX Newborn Photographer

When booking a lifestyle session, it’s a good idea to think about the light  and decor in your home. Do you have large windows? Does your home get a lot of natural light?  Did you decorate a nursery? Do you love your home decor? If you can answer yes to those questions, then a lifestyle session is perfect for you! The details of your nursery may not always be the same, but if we capture that now, you’ll hav the memories forever!

Montgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn PhotographerMontgomery TX Newborn Photographer


Aimee Hamilton is a Montgomery TX newborn photographer specializing in all genres of newborn portraiture. AHP offers lifestyle, studio, and fresh 48 sessions in The Woodlands, Montgomery, Magnolia, Conroe, and Tomball. The AHP studio is location in Magnolia, TX.


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Toddlers and Twins- The Woodlands Fresh 48

Toddlers and Twins

The Woodlands Fresh 48 (Just Born Session)

May has been the month of twins here in The Woodlands! I have three sets of twins on my schedule for this month which is very unusual! I can’t wait to show you all of the cuteness that is coming your way!

These sweet girls were born at the Houston Methodist- The Woodlands Hospital. I love my Fresh 48s at the Methodist hospital  because the windows are huge! They really light up the room ad give my clients a bright and airy look! Fresh 48 portraits can really vary in their appearance based on the available light in your hospital room.

Becoming a sibling can sometimes to be hard for toddlers. They are suddenly not the baby anymore, and mama is holding this bundle of blankets a LOT. What in the world is happening? Sometimes, when I arrive, the older siblings are still getting used to the idea of having a new baby. Other times, they are meeting the baby(ies) for the first time and completely smitten! Either way, I come prepared with tricks up my sleeve to help you and your toddler engage with the new baby!

Woodlands Fresh 48

Joy and love shine in your Woodlands Fresh 48 session. There is nothing like welcoming a new baby into the world! I just love capturing that for families to treasure forever. Albums and mini-books are one of my favorite ways to display those memories!

Woodlands Fresh 48Woodlands Fresh 48Woodlands Fresh 48Woodlands Fresh 48Woodlands Fresh 48If you are expecting, I would love to meet you and your new love! Connect with me here and let’s chat!

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Newborn Photography Comparison– Conroe Newborn Photographer


A Newborn Photography Comparison

Conroe Newborn Photographer


If you are a new mom looking for a Conroe newborn photographer, you may have noticed that there are different types of photography out there! I happen to be one who loves all of them! When my two boys were born, I really wanted everything! I love the magic of birth, the joy new life in the hospital, that first family portrait, and of course those beautiful newborn poses! It is important to me to be that photographer to my clients! Let me show you what the different styles look like with AHP!

Birth Photography

Conroe Newborn PhotographerConroe Newborn Photographer

Birth photography is such a beautiful thing! These sessions are all about the journey to meet your new little love. Birth photography is very documentary in nature. I’m there to document your birth story so that you will have the memories forever. Some of my favorite photographs from births are the reactions of moms meeting their new baby! Birth images are delivered in a slide show of all your favorite photos!

Fresh 48 (Hospital Portraits)

Conroe Newborn PhotographerConroe Newborn Photographer


Hospital days seem long and tiresome, but boy do they go quickly! These sessions are all about photographing you in the hospital as a new family! Like birth, these sessions are usually a little more documentary in nature than my in-home lifestyle sessions. Read more about Fresh 48s on my blog here!

The Essentials

Conroe Newborn Photographer

I saved your favorite two for last because they are the essential sessions. These are the sessions that you see most often and are the most requested! Most of my clients combine these two sessions, but they may also be booked individually if one fits your family more than the other!

Lifestyle Newborn Portraits

Conroe Newborn PhotographerConroe Newborn PhotographerConroe Newborn photographer

Lifestyle newborn portraits are in-home sessions. These are just like family sessions, but they focus a little more on your sweet baby. Lifestyle sessions include the whole family as well as sibling portraits and the baby alone. I like to use your master bedroom, living areas, and the nursery if you have one. Lifestyle sessions do not include the newborn poses that you see below in the studio portion. Lifestyle newborn images are typically on your bed, their crib, or their rocker. For more examples, see this post

Curious what to wear to your lifestyle newborn session? Read more here!

Studio Newborn Portraits

Conroe Newborn Photographer

Studio newborn sessions are all about your new baby and their gorgeous features! I start each session with prop poses like buckets and boxes. Then we move to the bean bag for blanket poses seen above. These sessions also include the whole family! The family portraits are more posed portraits than what you will see in my lifestyle sessions.  Each session takes place in my studio in Montgomery, TX. For more about studio sessions, follow this link!

I hope that this comparison helps you to see the full range of newborn photography offered by AHP! Contact me here to schedule your newborn session today!

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