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Hello friends! What a crazy experience all of this has been! First let me apologize. I know that some of you may be seeing this for a third time. I thought it might actually be best to have this information posted on my website for anyone who might be new to AHP!

In general, I have always been someone who is very conscious of the spread of germs and the need for clean hands. My youngest was born in the middle of flu & RSV season and I was so worried! That year I bought a bottle of hand sanitizer for every door in my car to try to minimize the germs brought in from her big brothers, grocery trips, school, etc. (A tad crazy, right?) I was bound and determined to make sure my family stayed healthy. Guess what? We all stayed healthy, even if we were a little over-cautious. As a Dallas photographer that specializes in the tiniest clients, my promise to you is that I will do everything in my power to keep your family safe! I will be taking that same over-cautious approach to my business.

Dallas Photographer- Studio Updates

When I say that I have always been very careful about your health and your newborn’s health, I really do mean it. Some of the things on the chart below have always been done, while others are updated policies as a direct result of Covid-19. For example, I purchased a medical grade air purifier with HEPA filter, NICU/Hospital approved cleaning agent, and a UV light for the studio. The combination of those three things gives me the confidence to say that I am doing my very best to give you a sparkling studio!

Another updated studio policies is for my studio wardrobe. Please be sure take a look at my studio wardrobe ahead of time to give you an idea of the 3 items that you would like to try on!


AHP Studio updates for Coronavirus

Covid 19 Studio Precautions


Montgomery & Collin County Local Orders

Updated on 7/9: As a small business owner, I am following the local orders in both counties where my studios are located. Both Collin & Montgomery County will have their own rules as well as those given by Governor Abbott. As of last week, Governor Abbott issued an order mandating masks. My primary responsibility here is your baby (and your) safety, therefore, I will be wearing a mask for the entirety of your session.

For the most up to date information, please shoot me an e-mail to



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