Dallas Family: A Year in Review– The Positive Side of 2020

2020 has horrible reviews for obvious reasons, but in some ways, it hasn’t been all that bad! I thought I would try to bring out all of the positives of 2020 for our family and share it with my favorite people! If you read to the end, you can also see a sneak peek of my family’s Christmas portraits! I recycled my Santa set and it worked out perfectly for a family session! Maybe next year, I offer something like this to my clients for my Dallas family!

The Positives of 2020 | Dallas Family

  1. We moved back to Dallas!

    My family & favorite people in Houston don’t like to hear this, but I secretly love the Frisco/Prosper/Celina/McKinney area. We had only been in Houston again for 5 years, but I was itching to get back up here! There something about it that has always felt like “home” to me! I think it’s because my husband and I really started our relationship here and it’s where we grew together. I love Houston because it will always be home, but Dallas is just more of my style, I think!

  2. We built a beautiful home and moved in just in time for Christmas.

    Ok by “we”, I mean Shaddock. We drove up to Dallas in early March. (The week of Spring break! In fact, everything started announcing closures while we were here! I remember being so concerned about what was to come.) Anyway, we walked through a few spec homes and nothing really took my breath away like the Shaddock homes. Their eye for detail just really did me in. I swore up and down that we were going to buy an existing home and I wasn’t going to build….. but the Lord had other plans for us! We absolutely LOVE our home. Maybe I’ll do a blog tour soon!

  3. We spent a LOT of time at the beach in Galveston. We even got to take our own family pictures on the beach that were BEAUTIFUL!

    Galveston was definitely our getaway place for 2020! I think we made at least 5 trips, two of which involved cousins! It’s so fun to have kids who can grow up together!

  4. I took a ton of beautiful pictures of my kids this year. Those memories will be cherished forever!

    I have far too many favorites to list, but anything with all three of my kids (Santa, PJs, etc), the tulip farm, and Bree’s birthday are at the very top of my list! (Make sure you read to the end to see my tripod session with my fam in December!!)

  5. I opened a second studio in McKinney the same week that we moved to Dallas. (That was a little crazy and big risk, but I couldn’t imagine not having a studio!)

    This is definitely one of the things I am most proud of in 2020. I talked my husband’s ear off about whether or not to get a studio right away. It kept me awake at night. But at the end of the day, I truly didn’t believe I could offer the same level of service that I provide without my studio. We actually picked the floor plan of our home knowing that we could used the guest room as a temporary studio. Now that we’re in our home, I’m extra grateful to have a separate studio for all of my amazing clients!

  6. The kids started school again in September. We absolutely adore the entire school and their teachers.

    I have always known that my kiddos love school, but gosh I took that for granted!  Both boys love their teachers and their friends. In fact, I think my oldest will be heartbroken to move to the elementary next year. He really has made such great friends this year.

  7. I hosted Santa minis in both Houston and Dallas. Thankfully, both events were a huge success with beautiful set ups.

    Maybe next year my younger two will like Santa!

  8. My business took off in Dallas even though we just weren’t sure what to expect with Covid.

    Thanks to some truly amazing clients and friends, the word is spreading and I have been B U S Y! I really wasn’t expecting much this year since we are new to Dallas, but I had a full calendar all year long! Here’s to hoping 2021 is just as fulfilling!

  9. Covid tried to kill small businesses in Q1/Q2, but by May, we came out on top and haven’t looked back! This year was huge for my business!

    March and April were really scary for small business owners across the country. For some, that regrettably never changed. I am vey thankful to have been blessed by my clients who brought me their babies and trusted me during such a chaotic time in our country! Thank YOU to everyone who made this year a success!

  10. I learned to outsource a lot of things in my business so that I can be more present at home. That was by far, one of the best decisions, I have ever made!

    This one really leads me into my goals for 2021. I feel like I tested the waters in 2020. There was a lot of trial and error, that is going to kick-off 2021 with a bang for me. As a solo business owner, sometimes you just need a little help. I’m 100% owning that this year. While my kids are small, I want to be sure that I have plenty of time to spend with them! This babies are my world!


To all of my clients who have already booked session in 2021, THANK YOU! You guys are truly amazing and I’m blessed by all of you! I can’t wait to meet some new babies!

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