Family Fun- Montgomery,TX Photographer

Family Fun (With your Photographer)

Montgomery, TX Family Photographer

This session will forever get ALL of the heart eyes! They came ready to play and it showed!

I start all of my sessions with everyone looking at the camera so that we can get at least one or two shots. It’s the classic Christmas card photo!

Montgomery, TX Family Photographer

Once we have that shot,  I try to look for interaction and emotion over poses. This family brought their A game. I knew early on that it was going to be great. It was THIS moment, right here. I think this was actually the second shot of the session! That sweet kiss left the perfect mark on his cheek. I asked his mama if she wanted to wipe off the gorgeous kiss. When she said “No,” I knew we were in for greatness. You see, just that small detail is so amazing. I think it looks adorable in every one of his photos. Sure, I can edit it out if we every wanted to. But, the fact that it is there is precious!

The rest of these… speak for themselves! This boy, and this family, are incredible! He is SO loved! (The last image is a MUST see. The way his mama is looking at him actually made me tear up!) He literally IS joy.  I’m convinced that he is here to light up their little family and keep them on their toes! He is absolutely hilarious!

Montgomery, TX Photographer

And a bonus….

Normally, I would never share one that looks like this. If I wasn’t there and didn’t read a caption, I might think this was accidental or mid-blink. Oh no! I can assure you that this little man was trying to make us all laugh with his hilarious faces. If I were a betting kind of person, I would put my money on him earning the title of “Most likely to make others laugh” in his high school yearbook! 
Montgomery, TX Family Photography

Cobb family, thank you so much for letting me share you! You guys are amazing! I truly hope I get to see you guys again soon!

Aimee Hamilton Photography Montgomery, TX family photographer. She specializes in newborn, child, and family portraits! Now serving Conroe, Montgomery, Magnolia, The Woodlands, and Cypress, TX!

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