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Two years ago, I photographed sweet baby Rose in one of my favorite nurseries to date! The green and gold accents in her nursery are just beautiful! Then, earlier this year, her mama reached out to me again to photograph baby number two… and three! Rose just became a big sister to two baby brothers.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to be the Fort Worth lifestyle newborn photographer for twins, but I am even more grateful for the opportunity to serve repeat clients like these!

newborn photographer for dallas twins

Nursery for Twins

This mama was so smart when Rose was born. She created a gender neutral nursery that could be used over and over again. The same gorgeous green and gold nursery that used with Rose, now belongs to the cutest baby boys. No one would ever know that it belonged to a girl first. How cool is that? I think the only big change is that there is now two cribs instead of one!

Bonus-Check out mom’s wardrobe styling! Her color palette beautifully complimented the twin’s nursery and their home!

in home newborn session

Siblings in Lifestyle Newborn Portrait Sessions

First and foremost, everyone in your immediate family is always included in your session! I try to get the family photographs finished early so that the toddler can move on early! If you have grandma around to play with them, that’s even better!

One of my favorite sibling shots in a lifestyle session is the toddler looking into the crib. Some of the kids love it, while others need a little bribe to make it happen. Either way, the results are almost always so precious! This big sister just ate up the attention on her!

twin sibling newborn picture in Fort Worth Fort Worth twin newborn photographer

Identical Twins

Okay, all newborns are precious, but aren’t these boys the cutest things you’ve ever seen? I find that the hardest thing with twins is making sure in ten years mama knows who is who! We tried to move hat tags to opposite sides, or keep the babes on the same side of every shot. I just can’t get over how sweet they are side by side!

twin newborn photography in Fort Worth Fort Worth lifestyle newborn photography

Fort Worth newborn photographer for twins

twin newborn photographer dallas

Aimee Hamilton is a Fort Worth Lifestyle Newborn Photographer for Twins. Aimee specializes in photographing the early years of motherhood through newborn, family, and milestone photography. AHP photographs clients in all DFW areas including Dallas, Fort Worth, Aledo, Brock, Weatherford, Southlake, Weatherford, and more!

For more detailed information about my newborn photography services, start here!

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Photography has always been a passion of mine. I truly treasure all the {mostly} candid moments that are turned into tangible memories.

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