Houston Newborn Photographer

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things-- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” -Eda LeShan

Houston Newborn Photography Details

I chose to specialize in newborn photography because I love this phase that much! It is the first glimpse of motherhood that you are given, and such an organically pure time in our lives. I believe in capturing those heartwarming moments between a mom and her new baby when she leans down to kiss his nose, or holds his head in the palm of her hand. Newborn features change so much in those first few weeks. I know in my own motherhood journey just how special it is to look back on that tiny nose, and gorgeous baby lips!

I capture the fresh family connections so you can really feel the love for the newest member of the family! Saving this sweet moment, where they are so small, is a once in a lifetime opportunity, just like a wedding. They will never be this tiny or feel as small in your arms as when they're a newborn. I would love to help you capture everything from those first days in the hospital to the first weeks at home.

Houston Newborn Photography Styles

Studio newborn portraits are the adorable sleepy poses that everyone loves so much. Ideally, studio sessions are done in the first 8-10 days of life. I use natural and organic tones in my sessions that showcase the beauty of your new baby and the loving connections within your family. 

Lifestyle newborn sessions are done in the comfort and coziness of your own home. These sessions capture those tender moments of everyday life with your new baby. These sessions do not include props, bowls, or naked studio type baby poses.   

Fresh 48 portraits showcase authentic and fresh love.. These sessions are typically done in the first 24 hours of baby being born. (Typically, these are done the following morning.) Fresh 48's are available as an add-on with a booked newborn session. Inquire below for specific pricing information! 

If you are ready to chat more about your newborn photography vision, contact me here to chat more! If you are looking for pricing information, you can find that here.  

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