Newborn Prep

First and foremost, I just want to say thank you for choosing me to photograph your sweet baby!

If you haven’t already, you’re welcome to join my Facebook group! I mention it below also, but this is where you can find albums with the clothing in my wardrobe!

Before the session: 

Be sure to check out my blog about what to wear for newborn clients! Your wardrobe is one of the most important components to a gorgeous session!

I am happy to help you get ready for your day in whatever way you need. Feel free to text or email me your outfits, or ask as many questions as you want! I want you to be as prepared as possible. When you are planning, think about the colors in your home and the baby’s nursery since these will be very present in your photographs.

I also have a client wardrobe that you are welcome to choose from! These pieces are chosen with new moms in mind so that they are flattering and photograph beautifully. I encourage you to select pieces that are neutral, light colored, and loose fitting. These three things make your portraits beautiful! Please try to avoid jeans for the whole family as well brighter or bold colors including navy blue. Moms, I encourage you to select a nice flow maxi dress with some texture to it like embroidery or lace.

*In general, please avoid clothing with neon or bright colors, loud patterns, graphics/words, dark colors, and jeans. These things tend to not photograph well. Neutrals, textures (sweaters, lace, knit fabrics), and lighter earthy colors photograph beautifully!

Here is a link to my favorite vendors for mom:


Morning Lavender 

Pink Blush

Wren and Ivory 

If you want to use any specific blankets on your sweet bundle, please have those ready! I will also bring wraps/hats with me. My color palettes tend to be very neutral in nature. I avoid bright colors and let your baby’s beauty be the main focus. I recommend having baby loosely swaddled or in a plain neutral onesie for your session. Gap usually has really soft onesies that are very neutral and basic.

Finally, If you can, please text me a couple pictures of your home (in the morning) and nursery so that I can prepare for the lighting in your home.

During the session:

Guys this is the magic! Your session will last 60 minutes for first babies and about 90 minutes with siblings. In my experience, these tips below will help us to have a smooth session!

  • This one is tough, but please try to keep the baby awake about an hour and a half prior to your session, especially if you love the sleepy baby portraits. There is a fine line between a tired baby and an over-tired baby so if they need to sleep, I understand!
  • Dress the baby in their outfit and swaddle them prior to feeding. If you have a particular swaddle that you want to use in your portraits, swaddle them in a different blanket in case they spit up. It is really important to have them dressed before you feed them so that we are not waking them up after they eat.
  • Please plan on feeding the baby about 20 minutes before I arrive so that they are dressed, full, and happy (usually sleepy, too!) when we get started! (Once you start feeding them, no need to keep them awake anymore!)
  • Open your curtains and pull the blinds all the way up in the nursery, living room, and master bedroom.

When I arrive, please know that you do not need to do anything, except love on your little (or big!) family! The only rule I have is that you have fun. Keep in mind, that this is mostly a lifestyle shoot. I will have you stick together as a family for the beginning portions, but we will not be focusing on posing. Parents are always encouraged to engage in activities. This could be siblings reading books to the newborn, toddlers jumping on the bed, or mom singing to your newborn in your rocker. You will hear me encourage everyone to snuggle often! (It’s important for me to mention here that I shoot from all angles. I may stand above you, below you, or get really close! It’s always hilarious when I have to stand above you in the bed, but the end result is always the best!)

My sessions always start with the family as a whole, then siblings, then baby alone. Dads and toddlers/siblings are always finished first and can go enjoy the rest of their morning! We will start our session on the parent’s bed with the whole family. (See more below!) The only “cleaning” I ask your husband/family members to do is to make sure that your bed is made and bedside tables are cleared of clutter. Other than this, please don’t feel like you need to pick up anything for me. If something needs to be moved, that is my job! You just had a baby and I want you to relax completely! Our session will take place in the master bedroom, the baby’s nursery, and near any large windows that you have. There is a good chance that I may need to move items closer to windows for lighting purposes.

We will begin our session with what I call “Christmas card photos” of the whole family.  These are the classic photos for grandma with everyone looking at the camera. After that, you can completely ignore the camera like I’m not even there. I will give you guys some prompts, or places to be, but in general, I just want you to be you! Snuggle that new baby, love on your spouse, and older kids– just be a brand new, happy family!

We will stop as often as needed for baby. All newborns need frequent feedings and diaper changes and I completely understand all of that. I, myself, am a nursing mama and fed on demand. In the early days, sometimes that was every 20 minutes!  Don’t hesitate to stop and do what you need for that sweet baby. I’m there to support you and we are in no hurry. I have no problems helping you in anyway that you need! If you’d like nursing photos, please let me know!

I will end the session with the baby alone in their crib and on your bed.

After the session: 

My turn around time is about 2 weeks. It is always my goal to have your gallery to your sooner, but again, I am a mama of 2 littles and sometimes they need me first. I hand edit every image and that can take a bit of time. Once your gallery is complete, I send you the digitals files via online gallery. These files will be available for you to download. Then, you will choose your print files and sizes based on the package you chose.  If you are interested in more prints, canvas, birth announcemnts, etc., I am more than happy to go through those with you! I offer a wide variety of products that I’m happy to share.

See you soon!