Get in there!

Did anyone else start singing “Yah,Yah” when you read the title? Don’t let me be the only one!

Since my littlest was born, I have made it my mission to get in the frame with him at least once a month. When my boys grow up, I want them to have oodles of pictures of their family. I want them to be able to look at a photograph and feel the love we have for  them, see the fun we had together, or remember the adventures we have been on. Those memories will be there for them forever! {That’s also why I insist on printing our pictures! I’ve been working on how to save all of our photographs, but more on that another time!}

The Beauty of the Self Timer

Moms, get in there! Give your kids the gift of memories and try a self portrait! Break out your phone and balance it on your dresser with some books. Then, set your self timer and RUN! That’ll make your kids laugh, too! Today, I challenge you to get in the frame with your kids! They need memories of you, too! I am always the one behind the camera, (like most moms!) so lately, I really have put in more effort to make self-portraits a thing for us!

This weekend, I had my hair highlighted for the first time since my wedding! I was bored and needed a change!  I got to visit with my gorgeous friend, Erykca, for three hours while she made my hair beautiful again! Let’s be honest, as a stay at home mom, my hair is rarely done and I wear makeup like once a month. Occasions like that just have to be documented so I pulled out my tripod and set the interval timer. My favorite thing about the interval timer on my camera is the bloopers that are always hilarious! {You have to read to the end for the blooper goodness!}

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Tips for toddlers

Bribery! I’m all about the bribery! My toddler has suckers in a lot of his pictures and there is totally a reason for that! He has his own opinions about how things should go. Those opinions are usually the opposite of mine and this where the sucker comes in handy.  (Pray for me, y’all! When he’s a teenager… good gravy!) Usually, I can distract him just long enough to get the shot I’m looking for and move on. This was not that day! {Keep scrolling!}

Some days, I don’t even need bribes– just some tickling, tossing in the air, and snuggles will do just fine! Toddlers make like fun.  It’s always best to be prepared for everything because you never know who gave them the wrong color popsicle that morning!

Lifestyle Family PhotographyLifestyle Family PhotographyLifestyle Family Photography

Tips for Preschoolers and Bigger Kiddos

Engage in conversation! Have them tell you a story, show you silly faces, etc. What makes them laugh?  Think about what you want to remember most about this age. Does your daughter say a word in a silly way? Do you love to twirl her curls? Figure out what it is that you want to remember most and recreate that during your little mini-shoot! Those little moments are the ones you will want to treasure forever!

Moms, my challenge for you is to just GET IN THERE! I know that you and your kiddo will both look back on these moments with a grateful heart! 

And now, for the bloopers. These are the BEST part! I told you, an interval timer is a fantastic thing!

Lifestyle Family PhotographyLifestyle Family PhotographyLifestyle Family Photography

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