Studio Family Photography in Dallas

This fall, I had the joy of photographing one of my sweetest clients again!  We celebrated the upcoming Christmas holiday with studio family photography in Dallas!

Highland Park Family Photographer

Knox Henderson Dallas family photographer

A Touch of Glam

There’s just something about a Dad and little boy in a sport coat that really give your family session a little glow up! Add in some velvet, and man you’re glowing! Usually, you can get fun blazers from Janie and Jack for the boys. One year, I even did a matching bow tie and blazer for our personal Christmas pictures!

Carefree and Candid

Last night, while I was at baseball practice for my son, the moms and I got to chatting about photography. We’re new to the team so it was fun to have this chat without anyone knowing that I’m a photographer, yet. The overwhelming consensus was that the moms love candid portraits of their kids and themselves. I wholeheartedly agree and absolutely fall into team candid! Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t get those classes poses for you– I do! It just means that I give you the best of both! Personally, I tend to hang the candid shots in my home over the posed.

Family Photography in Dallas


The Lumen Room in Dallas

One thing that I really love about studio family photography, is that we can rent The Lumen Room all over the metroplex! They have studios in Old East Dallas, Plano, Denton, and Fort Worth. The Old East Dallas location featured here is a short drive away from Highland Park, Knox Henderson, Lower Greenville, and University Park. Many of my clients in that area choose this location for their family session because it is close by and actually offers three different studio looks at the same location. This room features light floors, bright lighting, and painted brick walls.

This maternity and newborn session was photographed in another Lumen Room Dallas studio.

Knox Henderson family photography

Studio Family Portraits in Highland Park area

All of the included family portraits here were photographed at The Lumen Room Home studio in Old East Dallas just south of Highland Park, University Park, and Lower Greenville.

Aimee Hamilton is a family photographer and is focused on the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. For more information about booking your own studio family pictures, follow this link!

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Photography has always been a passion of mine. I truly treasure all the {mostly} candid moments that are turned into tangible memories.

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