Style Guide for your Newborn

How should I style my newborn?

I know that one of the biggest questions moms have is always “What should my newborn wear?” The good news is that is an easy one to answer! This style guide for your newborn session will give you all the tips for a well dressed session!

When Is the Right Time to Dress my baby?

The trick is to have your baby dressed before your last feeding. (I know that seems crazy, but I promise it’s the best way!) That way, when the baby falls asleep, we don’t have to wake them up by changing their clothes. It’s probably also a good idea to keep their outfit covered *just in case* there is any milk or spit-up that happens. (Because, of course, it will!)

Styling Your Newborn

  • Look for soft colors, or neutrals that match your home and/or nursery
    • Avoid clothing with bright colors, words, or loud patterns
  • Purchase the smallest size they offer.
    • It’s really important that the clothing fit properly and not be too baggy or loose!
  • Show the toes!
    • The crazy part is that this one might be the hardest! Many newborn clothes are designed to cover the toes, but that makes it hard to get pictures of their little feet!
  • Texture
    • Sweater material is a classic texture that photographs really well, in my opinion. It’s also usually very soft and warm– perfect for your little one!
  • Accessorize
    • Bows, bonnets, or hats are a must have for your newborn session! I will always have a few bows and bonnets that I can bring with me. However, if you’re looking for a perfect match, you could also have one ready! (Again, soft colors, neutrals, excellent quality, and well fitting are the trick!)

graphic of what to wear for a newborn session

Newborn Clothing:

Zara (The images for the style guide for your newborn above can all be found here.)

Lou Lou & Co

Feltman Brothers

H & M

Baby Gap

Pottery Barn


newborn style guide accessories


Kinsey Grace

Ivory Grey


Bonnets & Hats


Feltman Brothers

Rowan’s Treehouse


After the Individual Portraits | Style guide for your newborn

Like I said in my newborn session prep guide, the swaddle is KING and the best thing for your session! After I have taken all of the sweet individual portraits, I will swaddle your baby in one of my white or ivory wraps. Most newborns love to be swaddled, making this the best answer for completing your session! The tightness and warmth of the swaddle keeps babies calm and happy for the remainder of your session.


Aimee Hamilton is a lifestyle newborn photographer based in Prosper, TX. For more information about booking your newborn session, send me an email here!

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Photography has always been a passion of mine. I truly treasure all the {mostly} candid moments that are turned into tangible memories.

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