Timeless Wall Art for Your Newborn Portraits

Timeless Wall Art for Your Newborn Portraits

You just received your beautiful newborn gallery. You’ve been swooning over them for a week. Grandparents, sisters, uncles, and all of your closest friends have seen how beautiful your new family is. Now what? You’re not going to let your investment live on a hard drive are you? Of course not! It’s time to hang your newborn portraits on the walls of your home! One of the most popular products that I offer is timeless wall art for your newborn portraits!  I have a variety of frames for you to choose from as well as gallery collections that are already created for you to fit together perfectly!

This set of three framed newborn portraits is one of my favorite collections because of its simple elegance. It is the perfect touch of timeless and modern with clean lines. The middle portrait is a 20X20 in a 24X24 frame, while the outer two are 16×20 matted prints in 20×24 frames. Each light weight frame comes with sawtooth hangers that make hanging these a breeze! I even have this very collection hanging in my studio as samples!

Timeless Wall Art

Deckled Prints: Timeless Wall Art

One day, these stunning prints will get their own blog post. Deckled prints are simply fine art prints with a hand torn edge. Newborn sessions looking stunning on deckled prints and floated on top of a white matte. I highly recommend it for all of my clients! It’s a look that can’t be matched! (Hint: I’ll be printing my own newborn session this way!)

How to Order

I have good news for you! Ordering prints and other wall art is a breeze! When you receive your newborn portraits, your gallery will have a link to “shop.” It’s that simple. Everything you need will be right at your fingertips! I’m also happy to help you custom design a gallery for your walls with sizes that work best for your home or wall. Just give me a call at anytime.



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