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As a new mom (again!) myself, when I booked my own newborn session, the first thing I wondered, was how is this going to flow? What will this look like as far as scheduling, so I thought I’d share this with you to help ease your minds and plan for your session!

Sweet baby Kinsley came to me in February, just after my maternity leave. She had the honor of being my very first full newborn session after leave. She was so good to me! I don’t think we ever heard a peep from her at all! She arrived to my newborn studio with her mom while Dad and big brother stayed home until their turn. If you’re able to make that work, it is so much easier on siblings, to arrive about an hour after your session starts. Waiting just isn’t a toddler’s favorite activity!

Bean Bag Poses

Did you know that these sweet poses are done on top of a bean bag? The bag never shows, so sometimes that comes as a surprise! I start every session on my beanbag while your sweet baby is still full from a good meal. I layer soft, neutral toned fabric and my secret weapon on top of my bean bag. Then, I use bean shaped pillows to help me pose babies into the curly poses that I know you all love so much! If I had to choose, I’d say that the bean bag poses are my favorite portraits of newborns by themselves! There’s just something about the organic nature of the fabric poses is just so sweet!

Newborn Posed on soft fabric in Houston studio
Newborn Posed on soft fabric in Houston studio
Newborn Posed on soft fabric in Houston studio
Newborn Posed on soft fabric in Houston studio
Newborn Posed on soft fabric in Houston studio
Newborn Posed on soft fabric in Houston studio

Wrapped Poses

Prop poses are almost every baby’s favorite thing! After we finish the fabric poses, I wrap up your sweet baby and they are typically just as happy as can be! I wrap them in layers so that I can just unwrap as needed and lay them into their next pose. Babies are wrapped for props, and the flokati.

Houston studio newborn photographer
Houston Studio Newborn Photography

Family & Sibling Portraits

After about an hour, Dad and big brother arrived for their time in the spotlight. I do my best to start with siblings if they’re into it, but sometimes they like mom or dad to go first! I love for this portion to be playful and fun! I’ve been known to have an M&m or two to help us as well!

I am a Houston studio newborn photographer specializing in newborn and maternity photography. The studio is located just a couples north of The Woodlands in Magnolia, TX . The studio is white and bright, perfect for my newborn photography! I’d love to talk with you anytime about scheduling your newborn session. For more details, about newborn session, head over here! Or, if you’re ready to talk, get in touch with me here!

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