Why Beach Sessions? Galveston Family Photographer

Why Beach Sessions?

Galveston Family Photographer

Oh, friends! I know what you’re thinking. Why should we choose a Galveston family photographer instead of a more local family photographer?  There’s plenty of places right here in our area that we can go, right?

When I think of the beach, I envision splashing, running, laughter and endless fun! Children love the beach like they love Christmas morning! It’s new, unique, and provides all kids of photo opportunities.  The beach is a child’s playground without the slides and swings!

Galveston Beach family photography
Mom and babe in beach photoshoot
Sandy baby toes in Galveston family photoshoot

Candid Family Photography: The Lifestyle Approach

I start every Galveston beach photoshoot with the family together on the dunes.  Then, we will begin playing some family games in the sand! These sessions are so much fun because the kids are excited to be there! It’s not about me or my camera, it’s about having fun as a family! In fact, my favorite part is that no one is focused on me at all! Everyone is too busy chasing kids in the water and trying not to get splashed!

Beach family sessions will forever be my favorite because they are perfect for every kid. Whether you have a shy kid or the “never sits still” type, this session is for you. Personally, I have the kiddo who will run ALL OVER THE PLACE. My oldest is a big fan of the beach! I know he’s going to get out there and run as fast as he can! I truly think the beach is the perfect fit for all personality types. It can be fast paced and crazy fun, or it can be slow and relaxing! Let’s let your kiddos dictate the flow!

Family photography in Galveston, TX
Mom & son in family beach photography
Father and son in Galveston, TX
Little boy with mom on the beach

Aimee Hamilton is a traveling Galveston family photographer. AHP is located in Montgomery, Tx and serves The Woodlands, Houston, Montgomery, Conroe, Spring, Magnolia, Cypress and surrounding areas. Get in touch with AHP for more information or click here for specific beach investment information! If you love their styled wardrobe, read more about what to wear here!

Boy on the beach in Galveston
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